South Americans families loan or sell their children to human smugglers thanks to the loopholes in current immigration policy. If illegal immigrants arrive at the border with a child or children, they aren’t deported right away. This is exactly what happened to one 10-year-old girl who was found with evidence she was raped by at least 20 men in a very short amount of time. Here’s what the Democrats don’t want you to see.

Migrant children at US/Mexico border (Photo Credit: PBS/YouTube/Screenshot)

A medical professional on the border in Texas has witnessed the real cost of illegal immigration on those vulnerable South Americans who are being promised a better life. It is also causing an increase in some of the most heinous crimes.

Children are the most vulnerable, and they are in high demand.

“Thousands more children are coming in the migrant caravans. This is happening because Central Americans know they will have a better chance of avoiding deportation, at least temporarily, if they are processed along with children,” reports the Washington Post. 

“The economics of the journey reinforces the decision to bring a child: Smugglers in Central America charge less than half the price if a minor is part of the cargo because less work is required of them,” adds the Washington Post. 

A Texas medical professional just reported on one 10-year-old migrant girl who was found to be the victim of at least 20 rapes in a short period of time. 

“There was a female, 10-years-old, who was found with 20 different types of semen inside her body. She was dispatched to a family member,” the professional told Big League Politics. 

“The girl who was with her who was supposedly a family member was not really a family member, just someone who bought her from her family in Guatemala. These are real problems that exist here on the border. There are some people who are trying to leave jugs of water out here for them. A lot of these people come to this country needing help,” they added.

You would think the Democrats would raise the alarm that illegal immigration is harming children. You think they would stop politicizing it. 

Migrants are obtaining “Rent-A-Kids,” and since Border Patrol cannot perform DNA tests to determine if children are related to adults, most of the human traffickers get into our country.

“In Juarez, there is a huge influx of Cubans right now. They have taken over the streets and started a prostitution ring among them. The Cubans cannot cross here. If they have Cuban citizenship, they cannot cross here,” the Texas medical professional went on to say.

“There are a lot of people who come here from El Salvador, Guatemala who are in acute renal failure, they cannot walk. There are some who have come with cirrhosis of the liver. I’ve seen some patients who are almost at the point of dying with the cirrhosis that they have,” the medical professional stated. “The time and resources it takes up to treat them is massive.”

They continued: “A lot of these children come over here sick, you don’t catch the flu overnight, there’s an incubation period. A lot of these kids are already sick coming here. Right now, at least 2 percent are being taken up by people who are coming here illegally, somehow someway they do have insurance.”

“We’re guessing that as soon as they come over here they get some kind of insurance, whatever they are not given we have to foot the bill here, and there are illnesses they have had for a while,” the professional stated.

Border watcher Jim Benvie, stated that illegal migrants obtain insurance and EBT cards upon gaining access to the United States. Benvie is the leader of the Guardian Patriots and has been especially active in the El Paso, Texas region.

“There have been some women who have come forward who said they were raped…in the end you have to believe they were because of the damage done to them, either vaginally or anally,” the professional stated.

Adding: “When they cross over, you see them land…being transported in these huge buses, they don’t have to go through TSA, they get escorted and go first. What they need to do is it has to be like Ellis Island, they need to vet these people and quarantine.”

Back in 2014, newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras were promoting policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parent.

This became a big business for human smugglers, the coyotes, as South Americans were led to believe coming to America would transform their lives. Like winning the lottery. This also was the beginning of making children in high demand. It’s time the Democrats take responsibility for refusing to change the loopholes in immigration policies that are creating the border crisis we see today.