Posted BY: Adan Salazar

Footage out of South Texas shows members of the Texas National Guard replacing a barbed wire makeshift border fence that was torn down at the behest of the Biden administration last week.

A video posted to X Thursday shows a National Guard member unraveling military-grade concertina wire along the banks of the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, where illegal aliens have been pouring through in unprecedented numbers.

“Texas National Guard soldiers are on the ground in Eagle Pass replacing razor wire the Biden Admin cut yesterday,” an adviser to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), Mike Banks, captioned the video.

“Texas will NEVER give up on our efforts to secure the border,” he added.

The replacement of the temporary barrier follows news that Border Patrol agents cut barbed wire which had previously been laid by the National Guard to deter migrants from attempting to enter the US illegally.

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Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday, Gov. Abbott explained he instructed the Texas National Guard to replace the fencing the Biden admin had torn down.

“Joe Biden had his Border Patrol officers cut through that razor wire and then they pulled the razor wire and suddenly let in hundreds, if not thousands, of people illegally into Texas, into the United States,” Abbott said.
“So what did we do? We went back today with the Texas National Guard and we doubled the amount of razor wire on that border to make sure we keep those people from entering into the US illegally.”

The clash between Texas and the Biden administration comes as more Americans are taking notice of the porous open border, with residents in major Democrat “sanctuary cities” like New York City and Chicago protesting the arrival of migrants.

In recent weeks, tens of thousands of immigrants from various countries have been filmed illegally traversing the border near Eagle Pass and other US-Mexico border crossings.