Source: Jim Hoft

The Wylie School District in Texas apologized after they were caught teaching children police officers are like the KKK and slave owners.

Parents complained after they found this cartoon in their child’s school assignment.

This is the type of filth they are pushing on your kids in the US today.

FOX4 reported:

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Wylie ISD has apologized after some of its students recieved a political cartoon as part of a lesson that likens modern day police officers to the KKK and slave owners.

The district did not defend the lesson, but rather canceled it.

A police representative accepts their apology, but says, the damage is done.

“It’s completely abhorrent. It’s disturbing and it never should have been included in any kind of assignment,” FOP National Vice President Joe Gamaldi said.

It depicts slave owners, members of the KKK, and police officers, over time, kneeling on the neck of a Black man who is saying, “I can’t breathe,” clearly making a statement about the alleged murder of George Floyd and systemic racism and police brutality in the United States.

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