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A Texas trooper is warning Americans to rethink traveling to Mexico after three women vanished when crossing the border to sell clothes at a flea market – joining the more than 500 US citizens currently missing in the country. 

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told travelers gearing up for Spring Break to be careful when planning vacations to the popular travel destination. 

‘Our department is urging anyone traveling to Mexico, especially spring breakers, to avoid those areas because right now it is too dangerous with the increase in violence and kidnappings in Mexico,’ Lieutenant Olivarez told Fox News. ‘I can’t express enough to those thinking about traveling to Mexico, especially to spring breakers…to avoid those areas as much as possible.’ 

The warning comes after two sisters Maritza Trinidad Perez Rios, 47, and Marina Perez Rios, 48, both of Peñitas, and their friend, Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz, 53, went missing on February 24. 

Officials said they were traveling in a green mid-1990s Chevy Silverado to a flea market in the city of Montemorelos, in Nuevo Leon state – around three hours from the border – and never returned. Peñitas is just a few hundred feet from the Rio Grande River.

It comes after the highly publicized case where four Americans were abducted by a cartel after traveling into the country for a tummy tuck. Their abduction was caught on video last week and received an avalanche of attention. But the fate of the three women, who haven’t been heard from in about two weeks, remains a mystery.

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The sisters’ cousin Ludy Arredondo wrote on Facebook that they ‘do not have a single piece of news [and] the authorities do not say anything,’ as she and others continue to pray for their safe return. 

‘They do not have clues,’ she wrote. ‘PLEASE do not leave us alone.

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