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Steve Cortes was on Steve Bannon’s War Room and he discussed China’s failing economy which impacts the US economy greatly.  To put it simply, China’s economy is falling apart.

TGP has warned for a couple of years about China’s failing economy.  While China continued to put out robust earnings and growth reports, the truth was not close to what was being reported.  President Trump came into power in 2016 and he destroyed China’s economy through smart policies.  He did this because China doesn’t play fair and was stealing US intellectual property left and right.

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President Trump encouraged US companies to manufacture in the US and gave them a huge tax break to do so.  Only days before the China coronavirus hit, TGP reported on the economy in China going south while the US economy was the greatest economy in world history.

In 2021 we saw China’s property sector falling apart. This was a quarter of the country’s GDP in recent years. This was where billionaires were made and now it’s falling apart.

Steve Cortes shared on the US and China economies on Monday on the War Room.

“The inflation scenario in this country, which is terrible, in all likelihood is going to get worse, perhaps dramatically worse. In part because of what is going on in China and also in large part because we insist on engaging and escalating an economic war with the nuclear power of Russia, who is engaged in a regional battle that has no significant U.S. national security interest at stake.” -Steve Cortes, @steve

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