Posted BY: Janet Walters Levite

A few weeks back I went online to RSBN to tune into the solemn and yet very enlightening funeral for Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway of Diamond and Silk fame. The funeral expenses were paid for entirely by Donald J. Trump, and the former President also attended the funeral, sitting alongside the Hardaway family. 

I discovered that Silk possessed a very commanding presence of her own. While being somewhat eclipsed by the presence of her more animated Irish twin, Diamond, it was evident that she could handily proceed with the Diamond and Silk brand in Diamond’s absence. I also learned a great deal more about the rich history of the Hardaway clan.

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The closing speaker was, of course, Donald J. Trump.  He spoke about getting to know the Hardaway family, the Silk that he realized he didn’t know, and his commitment to addressing Black concerns.

What was deemed most interesting in the President’s speech was when he humbly revealed that he didn’t know how to address us….  Black people.

At around the 3 hour and 50 minute mark  the President reveals to the attendees that he always felt ignorant with regard to how to address the Black community.

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