The primaries don’t even start for nearly a year and Democratic party hopefuls are already dialing up the extremism with Sen. Kamala Harris leading the way.

California’s junior senator has already been crowned as the probable nominee by an anti-Trump media that is hellbent at exploiting racial grievances and as a black woman, Harris is uniquely “qualified” to lead the nation – at least in the media’s minds.

A really nasty piece of work, Harris has flashed her nastiness during her brief tenure in the U.S. Senate and especially during the disgusting inquisition of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

Kavanaugh managed to survive one of the dirtiest political smear campaigns in American history to be seated on the Supreme Court bench but it was no thanks to Harris whose shameless grandstanding during the hearings showcased both her ruthless ambition as well as her eagerness to abuse her power to take revenge against her political foes.

The ultimate enemy is President Trump and Harris has just upped the ante with the vengeful raving lunatics of the party base who want him strung up by suggesting that if she is elected as the nation’s first female president, that she will make his prosecution a top priority.


Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., argued on Sunday that her experience as a former state attorney general qualifies her to be president because the United States will need a leader who “knows how to prosecute the case” against President Trump.

Harris, who is running for the White House in 2020, made the comment at a campaign stop in Iowa when she was asked how she can beat Trump.

“We’re gonna need a fighter … and we’re going to need somebody who knows how to prosecute the case against this president,” the California Democrat said.

As if any more examples of how far that Democrats have abandoned the “democracy” that they constantly pay lip service to was needed, there it is right from the horse’s mouth.

If America goes on to become a socialist police state then it will be imposed upon the nation by Democrats who out of their refusal to accept the results of a legitimate election, have embraced a lawless special counsel who has been given the power to usurp the Constitution, the use of paramilitary tactics against targets like Roger Stone and most of all, the idea that political enemies should be punished by the power of the state.

A state that they hope to soon control.

And don’t forget the most powerful surveillance apparatus in human history that has already been used by former President Barack Obama to spy on the Trump campaign in order to provide material to deep state goons like Robert Mueller to manufacture a case against Trump.

It’s right out of the old Soviet Union and the president’s own son Donald Trump Jr. just spoke of the proverbial elephant in the room by comparing what Mueller and the Democrats are doing to his family to the tyrannical mass murderer Joseph Stalin.