Dems fleeing disaster president ahead of midterms.

Posted BY: Ben Warren

Joe Biden snapped at a reporter outside the White House after being told there haven’t been “that many candidates campaigning” with him.

Biden interrupted & advanced at the reporter mid-sentence to tout a number he’s apparently proud of.


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“That’s not true!” Said Biden on the South Lawn Thursday morning. “There have been 15! 

“Count, kid, count!”

The encounter occurred while Biden was on his way to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to stump with controversial US Senate candidate John Fetterman.

Biden, choosing to celebrate such a paltry number out the hundreds of Democrats campaigning this season, indicates the Democrat Party is in a crisis.

Recent polls are reflecting the energy, border, and economic woes Americans are having, so much so that even liberal operatives are lamenting they’ve effectively run out of momentum to finish the political fight on schedule.

“I’m wishing the election were in August,” said Matt Bennett of the center-left group Third Way to Politico earlier this week. “I think we peaked a little early.”