Posted BY: Cullen Linebarger

Looks like the ultimate form of accountability, impeaching Joe Biden, may happen after all.  Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo Sunday morning that he would support impeaching Biden if the House investigations into Biden and his Regime found evidence of wrongdoing.

Bartiromo opened the segment with Donalds discussing the huge concessions he and his fellow conservatives secured in exchange for agreeing to make Kevin McCarthy a speaker. The Gateway Pundit has the full list here.  Donalds also revealed he would be on the House Steering Committee and had no further interest in becoming Speaker.

At the 5:43 mark, Bartiromo starts asking questions about the upcoming House investigations into the Biden and his Regime. She specifically brings up the Hunter Biden laptop and how its discovery revealed how the Biden Crime Family received “tens of millions” from America’s biggest foreign adversary, China.

Donalds told her they would have a committee just to investigate China. He goes to speak about the FBI investigation, the Twitter Files, and “also what the Biden family has been doing for the last several years and its implications on Biden domestic and international agenda.”

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