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(Natural News) Today’s analysis covers threats to food security in 2023 and beyond, beginning with the now-obvious fact that food inflation continues to worsen almost everywhere. This readily observable fact is now so self-evident that no one needs to be convinced of the reality of rising food prices. Yet few people have honestly considered where it leads in terms of global famine, civil unrest, revolutions, and more.

In 2023 and for years to come, we are about to see some of the disturbing signs of food scarcity and panic among populations as well as food retailers:

  • Armed guards at food retailers, defending against sharp increases in organized retail theft of meat products.
  • Access restrictions (and biometric ID requirements) on who is allowed to enter grocery stores and purchase food items.
  • Food rationing limits, enforced by digital currency controls, closely monitor your food purchases and cut you off when you’ve reached your government-enforced limit.
  • Food riots across many cities and countries as fear and famine take hold.
  • More food destruction due to sabotage of food facilities and transportation infrastructure.
  • Ramped up geoengineering efforts to destroy crops through man-made droughts, floods, and storms.

The full list is covered in my podcast (see below) which also includes an interview with David DuByne (Adapt 2030), a Brighteon.TV host and global food analyst.

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