Posted BY: James Harden

The Republican National Convention is placing abortion front and center for the 2024 election cycle, now convinced that being pro-life is a winning political strategy. On August 25, I warned Republicans that refusing to advocate for the preborn would dilute the red wave.  And so it did. The red wave died on the beach of indifference. Where is the confidently anticipated Senate majority? No comfortable majority in the House either. Hidden within the results there is a mandate: killing the preborn up to and after birth is not acceptable and representatives who hedge on protecting all people equally are not desirable to the American people.

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On November 9, before the electoral debris field could be accurately assessed, I warned that it will be worse in 2024 if the pro-life Republicans refuse to learn the lesson that, for the electorate, morality trumps money. But don’t just take my word for it. Former Deputy White House Chief of Staff under the Obama administration, Jim Messina, five days later, insisted abortion is a winning strategy that will carry Democrat victories in races nationwide including the Presidency.

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