Posted BY: D. Parker

First, They Came for the Bump stocks, and I did not speak out

because I did not own one…

Then they came for the pistol braces, and I did not speak out

because I did not own one…

You’ve probably heard of the federal fiasco that is the new pistol brace rule and wondered why you should care. Our little homage to First They Came for the Gun Owners should suggest where all of this is going. Let’s start, though, by breaking the latest horrible developments into manageable bites.

To begin, what exactly is a pistol brace, and who would use one?

Pistol braces were originally developed for disabled veterans. The brace is designed to clamp around the shooter’s forearm to help stabilize the weapon. Visually, they resemble a conventional rifle stock. The ATF originally approved them but then reversed course, making up new rules with the force of law as it went along.

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