Source: Fletch Daniels

Americans were treated to the theater of the absurd as they watched a humiliated Biden administration bend over backward to paint the Taliban as some kind of trusted partner with a future in responsible governance.

Apparently, nobody got word to the Taliban that they were hurting Joe Biden’s damage control international rehabilitation effort when they were committing door-to-door executions, cutting off tongues, preventing Americans from getting to the airport, and welcoming back Osama Bin Laden’s security chief and arms supplier complete with a Cheshire Cat smile. 

One of the worst examples of rose-colored awfulness was the States’ Department spokesman, Ned Price, opining that these savages need to meet their “commitments and obligations in Afghanistan on freedom of travel, respecting basic rights of people, upholding … commitments on counterterrorism, not carrying out reprisal violence against those who stayed, and forming an inclusive government.” 

Yeah.  They won’t be doing any of that.  Asking an organization that traffics in terror to conduct counterterrorism operations was the most laughable part of an altogether shameful statement.

Price’s ultimate boss, the watch-checker-in-chief, was quick to defend the Taliban when he noted that ISIS-K is the archenemy of the Taliban before zoning out for what seemed like forever in trying to explain away how his incompetence led to the deaths of 13 heroic Americans.  ISIS-K is certainly the archenemy of the United States, but so is the Taliban.  It’s absurd to think that these various extremist groups that are aligned in their hatred of America would not cooperate to achieve a common goal, which was driving the U.S. out of Afghanistan at record speed while Americans were still trying to get past those trustworthy rascals who were blocking the airport.

These “helpful and useful” (as the lead military commander for Central Command, General Kenneth McKenzie, characterized them) tongue-slicing fellows are the biggest beneficiary of the ISIS-K-accelerated American retreat since they can milk the hostage situation we gifted them for pallets full of cold hard cash from here to as far as the eye can see.

While this administration seems to be blind to extremists abroad, it is obsessed with extremists here in America.  By that, I’m not talking about Islamist extremists who can stroll at their leisure across our lack of a southern border.

Our military leadership may not understand that keeping Bagram Air Base open made blindingly obvious strategic sense, but it is hard to fault them for this minor oversight when they’ve been focused on the far more important mission of driving all the extremists from the military. 

Every military service was ordered earlier this year to conduct a standdown day to address extremism within the ranks following the weaponless protests on January 6 that were quickly and falsely labeled an insurrection, a charge repeated ad nauseam by military leadership.  The Department of Defense ensured that no military member was spared this indignity, demanding that all suffered through it. 

Anyone who took part in those sessions can tell you that military leadership’s idea of an extremist was anyone who had the audacity to question the corrupt and incompetent elites who are destroying the country.  They had no hesitation in defining extremism so broadly that it applied to that half of the country that is patriotic and not willing to cheerlead the rampant violence that ran through the country last summer.  A friend called me in tears after she was forced to go through one of these sessions.

Those who had the audacity to vote for Donald Trump felt suddenly unwelcome in the military they swore an oath to serve. 

As a general rule, anyone who is willing to call the half of the country that disagrees with him an extremist can find an actual extremist by looking in the mirror.

It’s no coincidence that the military is also obsessed with “diversity and inclusion” as the administration seeks to rebalance the military more to the ideological favor of the corrupt elite.  If these same elites thought that “diversity and inclusion” would result in more Constitution-respecting Americans disgusted at their corruption, the singular obsession with skin color would quickly fall out of favor.

General Mark Milley’s comments on white rage are perhaps the most shameful ever uttered by someone serving as the nation’s highest military officer.  Note to Milley: It isn’t white rage.  It is American disgust that cuts across all races at the nation’s corrupt and lying leadership.  Those who were protesting a dishonest election weren’t trying to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America, as Milley alleged, but were trying to protect it.  The people he holds in the highest contempt are those who revere the Constitution he swore an oath to protect.

What our administration of extremists has done against those who participated in the January 6 protests is a national disgrace and a stain on the soul of our country.  Who would have ever thought that we would live in a country where a political party winked and nodded at criminals committing mass violence and the burning down of American livelihoods while seeking to destroy patriotic Americans by sending them to jail for a charge as absurd as parading?

Milley and these weak-minded military leaders think it’s a grand idea to balkanize the military into racial tribes and to sow distrust among the men and women who choose to serve. 

The American military was once the great equalizer, the place where everyone worked together with common values in a shared calling, where character was king and the last thing anybody really cared about was something as arbitrary as another person’s skin color.  Those days, at least for the moment, are gone.

This whole administration and its allies in the media and social media are infested with this type of hollow-chested people.  These are the type of people who don’t consider the Taliban extremists but have no hesitation to pin that label on you.  These are the people who think those “helpful and useful” tongue-slicers deserve to be heard on social media but are more than happy to kick off a Gold Star mother in the midst of the deepest grief imaginable for daring to criticize an empathy-challenged president whose incompetence led to her heroic son’s early death. 

What the last few weeks have clearly shown is that it is hard for our lying and corrupt leaders to see real extremists when they’ve already fixed that label on half of America as part of a deranged snipe hunt aimed at silencing all opposition.  But, real extremists are now celebrating America’s defeat and the fact that their once great enemy now has nobody at the helm.

This administration is about to get some quick lessons on real extremism thanks to their incompetence that has emboldened our worst enemies while severing us from any real friends.  Even an administration as corrupt and incompetent as this one will find it hard to stay upside-down for too much longer.