Source: CD Media Staff

Today in Maricopa County, AZ, law firms aligned with the Democrat Party coup orchestrated last November threatened to sue the auditors planning to go door-to-door in AZ to verify who voted and who didn’t.

Think about that.

Why on God’s green Earth would you threaten to sue over such a thing? The only answer is you don’t want anyone to know about the massive election fraud that installed illegitimate Joe Biden in The White House.

In a letter emailed Tuesday to the Senate’s hired auditors, attorneys for the non-profit voting-rights group Protect Democracy and three Phoenix firms warn that the auditors’ plan to knock on doors to search for voters likely violates state and federal law, wrote The Gateway Pundit.

The lawyers say lawsuits could follow if the audit proceeds as planned.

In Georgia, Fulton County has played delaying tactic games as well; there is a hearing on April 13th to decide how the forensic audit of ballots at ground zero of election fraud in the Peach State moves forward. We expect more shenanigans there too.

In short, along with actions in other states where the election fraud took place, the legitimacy of the Biden regime is about to be revealed, in a major way.

The criminals cannot let this stand. They cannot let the ballots be analyzed. Their criminal house of cards will collapse.

We expect extreme measures from the dark side.

However, the public is watching. The Deplorables are winning the public relations war.