Source: James Arlandson

Mollie Hemingway has written a blockbuster book about all the strands of deception and falsehoods that converged to take down Donald Trump on Nov. 3 and 4 and beyond (and before) in her book: Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (Regnery, 2021).  I twice asked two Barnes and Noble stores in two weeks whether they had it in stock, and each time — no. So I finally had to order it online.  It has ten chapters, plus a prologue and an epilogue. The total number of endnotes is 1,243 (I added them up), many having extensive commentaries. Only a large and excellent team of researchers could put together a book like this, and she credits them by name in her acknowledgments. 

Hemingway’s conclusion: It is clear that the Dem party has followed a pattern of cheating, inch by inch, for a long time. 

As a class, the Dem leadership and journalists have turned into liars and false prophets. However, Ms. Hemingway begins the book with this encouragement: “You are not wrong” (the Prologue). Don’t allow the media to gaslight you. You are not crazy. Hemingway thoroughly presents the end-noted evidence.

The evidence can be boiled down as follows. Trump won a fair election on Nov. 3, but lost a fraudulent one late on Nov. 3 (about 22:00) and on to Nov. 4 and beyond, in some important Electoral College states. The Dems believed their own (fake) polling data that had said Trump was far behind. But they were shocked when they saw that he was about to win by a huge margin in those states. No matter. That’s when they went to Plan B and did their dirty work, in the early hours.

Instead of calling the election for Trump, the Dems, with their allies in the lying media, unprecedentedly stopped the normal vote count “coincidentally” around the same time in some of those states, sent the monitors home, and in the late hours illegally rammed through numerous lopsided ballots (a “surge”), favoring Basement Biden, such that he “won” by 10,000 to 30,000 votes, on Nov. 4+ in the targeted Electoral College States. By video, we fortuitously saw boxes filled with votes pulled out from under tables after the observers were told to go home, in Fulton County, Atlanta (Chapter 10). (In contrast, Texas and Florida got their vote-counting done on time, and their populations are larger than the selected “special states.”) Don’t let the media gaslight you. Those ballots really were fixed and unaccounted for. 

Over the next decade or two, the Dems plan to flip red states blue by their methods.  They have been doing this in carefully selected states already, over several election cycles. Here is the Dem’s long-range, gradual strategy, which was exposed most visibly during election “season” (not day): (1) Find dark blue vote counting centers. (2) Promote mail-in ballots and call anyone a racist who objects (huge bundles of ballots have been found at drop-boxes). (3) Ram through those fake, lopsided Dem ballots. (4)  Or the vote counters in dark-blue cities will count many Dem ballots twice. (5) They may even employ questionable vote counting software. (6) Result: The Dem nominee wins! 

How do journalists turn themselves into compromised liars? Ms. Hemingway details the evidence in her Chapter Five, titled “The Revenge of Fake News.” We don’t need to spend much time here because everyone who daily reads online sources knows about the false Steele dossier, the Russian collusion hoax, the journalists lying about Trump’s efforts to find a fix for COVID (Chapter Three), burying Biden’s corruption (Chapter Eight), and so on. Reading these chapters may sicken fair-minded readers because they will be plunged into the heart of darkness. We all knew the media tilted left, but now they have become rabid leftists. Trump exposed their derangement syndrome, by being, well, Trump. He punched them in the mouth every day. Very gratifying.

Another main message of the book is that the GOP in various states was caught flat-footed when Dem operatives, like Marc Elias, sued or persuaded local election officials or even a secretary of state or two to give a large amount of control to private firms (Chapter One) funded by “Zuck Bucks” and other left-wing outfits (Chapter Seven). She summarizes: “The left spent hundreds of millions of dollars on its scheme to embed operatives in government election systems that aren’t supposed to take sides. Republican voters had no idea what had been done until it was too late” (p. 329). 

A major solution for the GOP is to win back the office of the secretary of state, which would counter the Dem strategy of taking over this office from the middle of the 2000s. Another solution, which is hugely popular among the voters, is to insist on voter ID. Also, mail-in ballots must be eliminated or curtailed. The Virginia legislature and the new governor, for example (and many other states), must act now to implement these changes — and not to listen to empty, overused, and false accusations of racism. 

Hemingway ends her book on a cautiously optimistic note, but with a warning stinger: “In the fight to come, those men and women [noncompliant, rebellious Americans] will have the best weapon – truth — on their side. The only question is whether their leaders will have the courage to use it” (p. 332). But make no mistake: the GOP leadership is constantly lagging behind, trying to keep track of the relentless, unblinking, amoral left.

America’s future is still in the balance. Virginia was won, along with scores of smaller, lesser-known victories, because the noncompliant Americans have woken up. Now maybe they can apply the whip hand to their feckless, sleepy leaders who always want to “get along” and “reach across the aisle,” not recognizing that their colleagues across the aisle will stomp all over them to hold on to power. 

Of course, buy the book. It may wake you up and cause you to fight for our beloved Republic. Hemingway and her excellent team have sounded the battle trumpet and provided us with ammunition with this heavily end-noted book. Kudos to them.