Posted BY: E. Jeffrey Ludwig

The trial is underway in Wisconsin for Darrell E. Brooks, who is charged with “six counts of intentional homicide with the use of a dangerous weapon (his SUV), and more than 60 counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and six counts of fatal hit and run, according to an amended complaint.”  The trial format is allowing Brooks to be his own attorney, which means he can question witnesses, offer objections, request grounds for overruling of objections, and interact directly with the judge.  The judge, Jennifer Dorow, is beautiful, poised, and patient in her explanations to Brooks and in her overall conduct of the proceedings.

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Even knowing that 85-plus percent of children (not counting the rare cases of hermaphroditism, where both genitals appear in some form) do not go through with their experienced gender dysphoria when they reach their majority, there are parents who are convinced that it is unloving not to give in to their offspring earlier.  Laws denying parents a say in that decision relieve them of psychological tensions that they find unbearable.  The parents so afflicted have a diminished sense of reality and cannot accept that a male is a male and a female is a female.  The recent appointee to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, when asked to define what a woman is (even though she is a woman), answered that she could not because she is “not a biologist.”  Although she warmly accepted the nomination to deal with some of the most controversial and thereby the most stressful legal cases in our country, she cannot work through the stress of defining her own womanhood.  She cleverly avoided possible controversy with her crafty answers to senators’ questions.

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