Source: Patty McMurray

As Hurricane Henri bears down on the East Coast, causing significant flooding in places like Brooklyn, NY, the CDC is making some recommendations that might help you to deal with the major storm.

With one tweet, conservative blogger Matt Walsh has revealed how quickly the CDC has become a propaganda machine for vaccine manufacturers and the economy-wrecking, keep mail-in voting alive across America at all cost Democrats.

Walsh started his tweet with a disclaimer: “Not a joke.” 

He continued:

The CDC says the first thing you should do to prepare for a hurricane is get the COVID vaccine.

Apparently, the vaccine protects against hurricanes now.

It truly is a wonder drug.

Walsh’s tweet includes a screenshot of tips by the CDC about how to “Prepare for a Hurricane.”

The first and apparently,  most important tip is “Get a COVID10 vaccine as soon as you can.”

Once you have your COVID vaccine, then you may get emergency supplies for your home and vehicle.

After you have a COVID vaccine and emergency supplies for your home and vehicle, then it’s time to make a plan.

After you have a COVID vaccine and emergency supplies for your home and vehicle and you’ve made a plan, prepare to evacuate.

If you’re not sure how to safely evacuate, go to WhiteHouse. gov to see Biden’s White House plan on how to evacuate in case of an emergency…or something like that.

Who could possibly do a better job of taking care of you during a crisis than one of your competent government agencies?

Speaking of government agencies taking care of you…Our installed “president” appears to back up the CDC’s guidelines for how to best prepare for a hurricane! “Wear a mask and try to observe social distancing” during a hurricane, and oh yeah, “Get vaccinated now!”

Joe is getting wrecked on social media for essentially saying the same thing as the all-powerful CDC!

For all of the real Americans who are frightened and concerned about flooding in NYC…just get a COVID shot, and everything will be just fine…