Posted BY: Christopher Skeet

Do you hear that noise? 

I hear it too.  It grows louder by the day.  It’s not the Russian milblogger community demanding Putin nuke anything and everything in his way, although you could be forgiven for thinking it was. 

That sound we’re hearing, annoying at first, but now disconcerting, is the cacophonic clamor of politically conservative armchair warriors, posting gleefully from their keyboards, barely able to contain themselves at the prospect of a Second American Civil War. 

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To their credit, they at least comprehend that such a war wouldn’t involve divisions of troops duking it out in the open fields of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. 

So, to all our digital Rambos, I ask:  How do you envision such a war playing out, and what precisely would your role in it be?  Do you picture yourself coolly and calmly patrolling the abandoned streets of a dystopic America, decked out in your zombie apocalypse gear, your Punisher t-shirt and your Navy Seals imitation sunglasses, pumping a single 5.56mm round into each green-haired, lispy-voiced leftist who cartoonishly pops straight up from behind bushes and garbage cans? 

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