Posted BY: Jeff Lukens

Churches have remained publicly quiet for decades on the moral issues of the day so as not to appear too controversial or too political.  As a result, public debate is often left to those without a biblical worldview.  The consequences of this passivity have contributed to the unraveling of American civil society.  It is well past time to end the silence.

The Progressive Elites talk endlessly about “democracy,” but their intention is typically a ruse to implement a top-down liberal agenda.  They allow normalizing pedophilia, trafficking children for sex, sexually grooming kids, encouraging transgender surgery for minors, and promoting unlimited abortion and gay marriage.  These actions are all against God’s purpose, as the Bible instructs us.  While a few individuals and churches may be speaking out about these issues, their numbers need to grow to have any effect.

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Churches are comfortable with business as usual at a time when we need to lean on God.  People realize that things are not the same as they were just a few years ago, and they are looking for the Church to guide them, and many churches are silently playing it safe on these core moral problems in our country today.  If the Christian community remains silent because we fear the repercussions of speaking out, are we living out our faith? Are we trusting in God? 

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