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‘Ghost guns’ are at the top of Gun Control Inc’s scapegoat list. Ghosts guns refer to firearms that the federal government cannot be traced and can be manufactured from 80% lower kits or 3D printers. According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, Baltimore police have been seizing an increasing amount of ghost guns in recent months. 

Now, the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) expects to seize twice as many firearms in 2021 than in 2020. Maryland Matters reported on these new projections: 

Baltimore police are on track to seize at least twice as many privately manufactured firearms — often called “ghost guns” — as they did in 2020, Sheree Briscoe, the city’s deputy police commissioner, said Tuesday.

At a virtual conversation moderated by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy, Briscoe said the department has seen an increase in its recovery of privately manufactured firearms in the last few years.

The department recovered 29 ghost guns in 2019; 126 in 2020; and 83 from January to mid-May this year.

“We’re on pace to surpass last year’s numbers and potentially come in between 250 to 300 privately made firearms that will make their way to the streets of Baltimore in the hands of various age groups [and] communities,” she said.

According to Briscoe, 15 ghost gun seizures were “directly linked” to homicide or shooting investigations in 2020.

“…To some that may not be a large percentage, but any percentage that’s attributed to a gun that is not legally registered, legally manufactured with serial numbers, is a challenge because then you run the difficulty of trying to find out where did that come from, who may ever possess that gun,” said Briscoe.

According to recent projections, murder are expected to soar above 300. BCPD Commissioner Michael Harrison has attributed the increase in violent crime to a number of issues, which includes a shortage of police officers. Durden noted that “liberal city officials defunded BCPD, but as violent crime soared, newly elected Mayor Brandon Scott reversed their measure to increase funding.”

Baltimore’s crime situation is quite dire. So much so that Governor Larry Hogan recently held a meeting with Mayor Brandon Scott and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison to discuss what can be done to resolve the issue. The governor said the meeting as “productive” but noted that the lax punishment for petty crimes has spurred the increase in violence. 

“When crime is being committed right in front of police officers, when the state’s attorney refuses to prosecute half the crimes, we’re not going to fix the problem, regardless of how many meetings we’re going to have,Hogan declared. 

Durden provided context to Hogan’s statement, noting that the Maryland Governor was referring to “Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby halting the prosecution of minor traffic violations, prostitution, drug possession, and other minor offenses during the virus pandemic. “

Durden additionally highlighted that “In March, Mosby held a press conference to declare that rough policing doesn’t prevent more violent crimes. Months later, her policing strategies have failed.

The focus on ghost guns serves as a diversion away from the fact that Baltimore leaders have been derelict in their policymaking, which has given criminals the upper hand as they now receive slaps on the wrist for committing crimes. It is no shock why millions of Americans, whether they’re living in a red or blue state, are flocking to stores to stock up on firearms and ammo.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting. It’s designed to keep tyranny in check while also giving lawful Americans the ability to defend themselves from unruly mobs and criminals that irresponsible lawmakers allow to roam free on the streets. 

Cities like Baltimore offer lurid examples of what anarcho-tyranny looks like and why citizens should always be armed.