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When everything from professional sports to entertainment award shows have become political forums, it’s no surprise that an infectious disease outbreak moved from the realm of science to politics.

In politics there are few coincidences, defined as  “Remarkable concurrences of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.” What to the casual observer appears random are events actually created or steered in a certain direction for political objectives. The Trump presidency provides a timeline of such examples, including the current viral pandemic, suggesting that these are not simply serendipitous events.

Seeing the forest and the trees, finding the larger pattern among apparently random events, is the mysterious and enigmatic Q group, a small military intelligence team working in the dark shadows with and for the president.

Q often asks the question, “Do you believe in coincidences?” From their bird’s eye view, Q frequently points out such coincidences. And did so recently. Let’s start with the virus itself. Are events surrounding this recent viral outbreak random or part of a wider pattern?

SARS coronavirus occurred in Southern China in 2003. A 2007 microbiology review paper concluded, “Coronaviruses are well known to undergo genetic recombination, which may lead to new genotypes and outbreaks” Chinese wet markets are the ideal petri dish for genetic mixing, secretions of multiple wild animals comingling before the animals are eaten by humans, making the zoonotic jump from animal to human pathogens. “The reemergence of SARS and other novel viruses from animals or laboratories” was a “time bomb” and “the need for preparedness should not be ignored.”

Time bombs are innocuous until the fuse is lit, counting down to an explosion at some predetermined future time. Did the fuse on this current novel virus just happen to light itself? Or was it lit on purpose? And why now?

Here is where the coincidences begin. Wuhan, where the virus originated, just happens to be the location of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s only level 4 biosafety lab.

Could the virus have originated in that lab? The “consensus of scientists” say no, that this is just a conspiracy theory. Perhaps, but other consensuses of scientists tell us President Trump is mentally ill and that man-made global warming is melting the polar icecaps.

The virus may have developed naturally in a Wuhan wet market, according to experts who are adamant, “Humans could have never dreamed this up.” Could those same wet market conditions be replicated in a laboratory, producing similar results? The Chinese keep their secrets so we may never know.

Also curious is how quickly Wuhan purportedly became virus free. And how other major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing weren’t affected. While the Chinese government quarantined Wuhan, the virus had already been around for months, potentially spread by Chinese New Year travel before the quarantine was placed. Yet the outbreak was quite limited and short-lived in China, unlike elsewhere, almost as if they were prepared. What a coincidence.

Move from science to politics for more coincidences, under the backdrop of the Trump presidency and upcoming election. The Chinese Coronavirus was first noted in in China in December 2019. What was happening politically here at home at that exact time?


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The House was holding impeachment hearings over President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president, alleging election interference, obstruction of justice, quid pro quo, and anything else Reps Schiff and Nadler could fabricate.

The Ukrainian allegations coincidently originated shortly after the Mueller Special Counsel investigation came up empty in their efforts to remove Trump from office. Articles of impeachment were passed on a partisan basis in December but not acted upon until January, despite the “urgency” of removing the “existential threat” from the Oval Office.

Note the sequence of events, each failed plan was followed by another scheme, all with the same goal of destroying President Trump. Why was the impeachment trial delayed until January? It’s almost as if that was the perfect time to distract the president, the media, and American people while a viral time bomb was beginning to explode.

January was when the Chinese virus was spreading. The intel agencies briefed Trump and Congress. Trump took notice and instituted a travel ban on arrivals from China. Congress ignored the warnings and plowed on with a Senate impeachment trial, guaranteeing no media interest or reporting on the new SARS-like Chinese virus. Was the fuse of the time bomb lit when it was apparent that the Ukraine phone call was a dud, with impeachment a good cover for the burning fuse?

Another way to look at this is to ask: who stands to gain by the economic and social destruction this virus is wreaking?

Start with China. Faced with crippling economic sanctions and tariffs placed by the first US president willing to stand up to their economic bullying, China would much prefer a President Biden or Clinton, or Bush and Obama, happy to let them have their way or readily bought off.

Just a month ago, Trump’s economy was on top of the world, literally. A booming stock market, strong economic growth, and record low unemployment was Trump’s first term legacy. What better way to derail a gangbuster economy than shutting it down due a viral pandemic? It would be an ideal way to weaken a president ahead of an election. So what if there was collateral damage? Trump is the existential threat to the globalist deep state and the ends justify the means. What a coincidence in timing.

The quarantines began shortly after Super Tuesday when Joe Biden took a healthy, but not overwhelming, lead in delegates over Bernie Sanders. The virus was a convenient excuse to cancel additional primaries and debates, protecting Joe Biden from public appearances. Who does this benefit?

Pro-China Joe is anointed the nominee and the quarantines provide a convenient excuse for Joe to avoid anything more than short scripted podcasts from home. Compare this to President Trump holding a daily briefing, speaking and answering endless questions from the media for hours at a time. Could Biden handle five minutes of Trump’s life? No way.

Bernie Sanders, for the second time in four years, has quickly become irrelevant as the Democrat establishment found a convenient excuse to offer him the consolation prize again.

Joe’s nomination is all but secured and he is safely tucked away until the summer convention. Biden’s rallies were a snooze fest, unlike Trump’s. Yet both are shut down because of the virus. What a coincidence.

Ironically, while not exactly a campaign rally, President Trump is in front of millions of Americans every day during his Coronavirus briefings, acting presidential, masterfully answering questions, inspiring confidence, while Biden is sputtering during low ratings cable news interviews where he can’t remember how many grandchildren he has.

Last week the House held the country hostage over the Chinese virus relief bill, loading it with pork, practicing the Rahm Emanuel axiom of “never let a crisis go to waste”. What an opportunity for Democrats to get their wish list, delaying financial assistance to millions of Americans in an effort to reinstate Obama-phones and mandate green energy standards. Democrats needed a national disaster to push some of their unpopular schemes through Congress. Another coincidence.

As cities and states shut down with stay-at-home orders, based on media led panic and frenzy, the economy takes further hits, hurting the incumbent president who up until recently was running for reelection on his roaring economy. What a coincidence.

Tying it all together, Trump is indeed an existential threat to the globalist agenda including open borders and an America-last policy. China is under Trump’s thumb, its superpower status threatened as global supply chains may now steer far clear of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Trump is cruising to reelection against a hapless senile Democrat candidate. In a second term, without facing another election, Trump is free to complete his MAGA agenda.

How convenient that a long-predicted viral outbreak occurred at the perfect time to inflict maximum damage on the president. Are these just a series of random events or is there a pattern? What are the odds of all of these events playing out in sequence? Is it beyond the realm of mathematical probability?

A viral outbreak, whether hatched in a laboratory or a wet market, could have been a nuisance like past outbreaks. Yet this one was treated far differently, devastating world economies. What are the odds?

As Q likes to ask his followers, “Do you believe in coincidences?” If Q sees the pattern, President Trump does as well and will be more than prepared, with his own moves and countermoves. As Q also likes to say, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.”