Posted BY: Mike Phelps

Most observers of the rising tension between Communist China and Taiwan do not believe that an invasion of Taiwan is imminent.  However, it seems increasingly clear that China is arming and planning for such a campaign.  President Xi Jinping is moving toward becoming a dictator for life, and the “reunification” of the island nation of Taiwan with Communist China would be the crowning achievement of his reign.

But not all is well in the Middle Kingdom, as there is growing opposition to Xi’s destructive zero-COVID policies.  A banner hung off an overpass in Beijing recently read: “Say no to Covid test, yes to food.  No to lockdown, yes to freedom.  No to lies, yes to dignity.  No to the cultural revolution, yes to reform.  No to a great leader, yes to vote.  Don’t be a slave, be a citizen.”  What would be a routine demonstration in the U.S. is a stunning act of defiance and courage in China.

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A military adventure would be an effective distraction from growing unrest. And if China were to occupy Taiwan, it would give the communist country undisputed control of the South China Sea, which has some of the most important sea lanes on the planet.

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