Posted BY: John Green

Have you noticed that things have changed in our country over the last three years?

In 2019, my truck broke down.  I got it into the shop the next day to be fixed.  In 2022, I needed a mechanic to service the brakes on one of our cars.  It took three weeks to get the car into a garage.

We also had a fender-bender this year.  It took two months to get an appointment for an estimate — not even to get someone to actually fix the damage.  The insurance adjuster just sighed and said that was pretty normal these days.  I halfway expected him to ask who John Galt is.

In 2019, we could go to the local diner and get a good meal with good service.  In 2022, the service at the same diner is slow because of limited staff.  Three-quarters of the menu items aren’t available because food deliveries are weeks overdue.

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