Posted BY: Allan J. Feifer

Sedition: Incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority — Merriam-Webster dictionary

The Culture War is upon us, as real as any shooting war, and part of the conflict includes a disruption from the traditional economic structure from which we’ve all benefited. As it exists today, capitalism is a tattered remnant of what it once was, and its continuing existence is not assured.  Capitalism in its best state is the rising tide that lifts all ships, which is why the system has found itself in the crosshairs of communistic oppressors. It is a target-rich environment for those looking to finish us off by exploiting the very problems they created through the corruption of capitalism.

The aggressors we recognize as anti-capitalists or communists birthed globalism, but they also created, at the same time, incipient cancer within our economic system: Wokeism (Think: cultural revolution).  The overall process of how we got to where we are today is our next installment and points us to how to use history as the path back to safety and salvation.  Ready?

Too often, Americans fail to strike a balance regarding political events, but there should be no issues more important than our country’s survival, governance style, and freedom from looming tyranny.  Last week, American Thinker published a piece I penned entitled “Under Wokeism, Animal Farm Comes to Life” — in that article, I postulated that Wokeism is a literal, prosecutable crime committed by individuals and groups to overthrow the United States through violence and subterfuge.  Germany attempted such a coup along with American Nazi sympathizers.  They aimed to keep us out of the Second World War, hoping we’d become allies of Hitler’s Germany.  What a fascinating and terrible story, almost lost to history.

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