Source: Jamaica Plain

The CDC narrative on COVID is simply put: (1) the mask is your best defense, (2) COVID is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, and (3) vaccines are our only exit strategy. However, whenever their narrative falls apart, the emphasis shifts, cover-up lies become bolder, and dissenting science is censored. 

According to CDC Director Rachel Walensky in a Twitter public service announcement, masks can help prevent the spread of COVID or flu or common cold by reducing your chance of infection by 80%. Yet eleven Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT), including a Danish RCT studying COVID, failed to show that masks prevent transmission of respiratory viruses. In two lawsuits the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) won litigation against hospitals’ “vaccinate or mask” policy when RCT showed “scant evidence” that wearing masks reduced influenza transmission. Empirical evidence, including CDC’s own study, Oster’s U.S. schools data, and comparing states with and without mask mandates failed to show a benefit to masking on COVID case rates. Though not reported in the media, the “mask is your best defense” isn’t settled science — the WHO states that: “the use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high-quality scientific evidence.” Despite exclusive pro-mask news, parents are protesting against governors and school boards mandating masking K-12 students.

After vaccine uptake slowed, Walensky called COVID a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” to shame the unvaccinated into getting the vaccine. News reports touted divisive messaging of Biden-voting blue states as having higher vaccination rates and lower positivity rates than red states. However, her lies were contradicted when territories that were 80%+ vaccinated had the highest case rates — Singapore with 85% vax rates, Iceland 92% vax rate, and Gibraltar with 100% vax rate saw peaking numbers. Compared to Florida case rates, California is 200% higher, NYC is 300% higher, the most vaxxed state Vermont is 700% higher. Of note: the most vaccine-hesitant were PhDs.

To explain the rising cases in highly vaccinated areas, Walensky reported that breakthrough infections were rare, representing < 1% of hospitalized infections, an assertion that contradicts CDC’s unpublished report showing 15% of May 2021 COVID cases were fully vaccinated, a 500% increase from April 2021, with decreased vaccine efficacy (VE) in nursing-home residents. Their <1% number was

criticized for tallying all hospital cases from January to April 2021, well before most residents were vaccinated. Beginning May 1, CDC suppressed vaccinated positive case data — they no longer published vaccine breakthrough cases, recommended against testing asymptomatic vaccinated individuals and defined unvaccinated as someone within 14 days of receiving the COVID jab. The CDC’s definition of vaccine changed from “produce immunity” to “produce protection” against disease; their narrative became “vaccines can’t prevent transmission, but do prevent severe illness and death.”

When coercion and shaming didn’t increase vaccination rates, the Biden administration instituted a series of workplace vaccine mandates to compel COVID vaccines for employees in health care, government, and private corporations. The vaccine mandates contradict science by not accepting natural immunity (as EU does), by exempting politically connected groups (Congress and USPS), and administering a “leaky” vaccine. The mandated vaccine caused police and healthcare workers (HCW), many with natural immunity, to stand up for freedom and risk losing jobs. Their sacrifice was noticed when vaccine mandates caused hospital closures from nurses being fired and urban violence from firing policemen.

As COVID cases continued to rise, the CDC’s narrative shifted from vaccines being “safe and effective” to “get a booster shot for protection.” This follows  Anthony Fauci announcing “waning of immunity not only against infection but against hospitalization and to some extent death, which is starting to now involve all age groups. It isn’t just the elderly.” An Israeli paper on booster shot protection shows that VE dropped to 71% in September and 60% in October. Two senior FDA vaccine officials resigned after Biden, FDA, and CDC heads announced a booster eligibility timeline prior to FDA approval. They explain their resignation in a Lancet paper — existing data doesn’t warrant boosters, third dose decisions warrant more analysis of benefit-harm-population efficacy, and booster decisions “should be made by reliable science rather than by politics.” Like HCWs, police, and firefighters, they protested against having their dissenting views sidelined and censorship of physician-scientists.

Since vaccines are the only exit strategy, the news was suppressed on potential early treatment strategies, COVID’s low risk to children, alternate strategies to lockdowns, and vaccine side effects. The NIH could have led by initiating RCTs on early treatment regimens, face masks, natural immunity, and vaccine-induced myocarditis. Instead, physicians now lose their medical licenses for prescribing FDA-approved drugs, like ivermectin, for off-label uses that 200+ members of Congress, Japan, and India used successfully. 

Disregarding natural immunity was the most blatant, dangerous CDC lie, since many who refuse vaccination understand that prior infection is more protective. Furthermore, by not separating prior infected from the vaccinated and unvaccinated cohorts, the VE becomes meaningless. Only the blindest refuse to see that first responder, who put their lives on the line in the early pandemic to treat COVID patients and quell riots, are now sacrificing their livelihoods to refuse vaccines they don’t want — many were infected early while working tireless hours to protect Americans and now have lost jobs in the midst of hospital and police worker shortages.

As Americans, we can either be subject to medical-political tyranny or stand for freedoms derived by our God-sanctioned morality. We need to decide whether to fight for our country founded as “a city on a hill” by the courageous who love freedom. Our alternative is a biosecurity state that promises us safety, tells only noble truths, and censors all dissenters. Now is the time to decide: a house divided cannot stand.