Source: Joseph Kulve

Back in the late 1990s, I once complained about the quality of the tap water to my German colleagues in Bonn, Germany.  It was full of caulk.  Disgusting.  But they lectured me that the water was great and that it was full of caulk because it had to be reclaimed.  Otherwise, we would run out of water.  My mocking reaction that caulk is not water and that we were just a few miles from the massive Rhine river did not endear me to my colleagues.  Everyone knew that everything German was world-class, except me, apparently.

I had an old Russian Jewish friend in Stuttgart back then with whom I often discussed cultural misunderstandings.  She told me about an old anti-Jewish joke in Russia about tap water: “If there is no tap water, the Jews drank it all.”  The Jews were always a good target to deflect blame for the massive failures of European societies and their “Caesars” (“czars” and “kaisers”).  My old friend had immigrated to Germany as a Jewish retiree-refugee about the same time I got a job there.  She loved Germany, but she, sage that she was, always warned me (her so-called “adopted” non-Jewish son) that the political system and the human condition had not changed in Germany as much as everyone thought.

Memories of Germany came back to me when I recently read that Austria wants to remove the unvaccinated from society.  Their crime?  Killing the vaccinated with the disease that the vaccines protect the vaccinated from (sounds as logical as the tap water thing).  I have not yet read that they want to kill anyone, but I am assuming they will remove them from society (concentrated in unvaccinated camps?) until they give in or have the jab forced on them.  Will Austria’s unvaccinated have to hide in secret compartments in private homes until the insanity has run its course?

The details of what I read made it sound as if the extreme measures in Austria were motivated more by a desire to hide the previous failures of the Austrian kaisers’ COVID policies than to protect the people.  As these COVID mandates start to look more like Frankenstein experiments went wrong, those who mandated them will be looking for scapegoats — not unlike what happened with the failed economic management of the socialist governments in 1930s Austria and Germany.

An old American friend blames me for the COVID crisis

The reason the modern Austrian kaisers (and the American kaisers Biden and Fauci) can get away with increasing levels of COVID extremism is that many, perhaps a majority, of Good Austrians (and Good Americans) support such measures.  I was rudely reminded of this during a recent phone call with an old American friend.  I told her I would have to leave my job on January 4 because of Biden’s COVID mandate.  I expected sympathy, but she said nothing.  The silence was her way of saying I deserved to lose my job because the unvaccinated like me (I had COVID) is responsible for the deaths of so many to COVID.  Not her lifelong obesity or her husband’s lifelong smoking habit that resulted in a debilitating stroke in his mid-50s.

In her little Alice-in-Wonderland world, the Deep State can do no wrong.  Why?  The Deep State was her employer and allowed her to retire at 55 with full pay and benefits.  Was she a firefighter, policewoman?  No, she was a unionized teacher in a government-run school.  A job that is so tough that you get to retire at 55.  Her retirements benefits are fantastic.  She even put her husband on her insurance.  She fully supports the Deep State (not the deplorable taxpayers) that has given her all she has.  When all this COVID stuff started, she rebuked me for suggesting that America’s highest-paid bureaucrat (Kaiser Fauci) had created COVID by financing gain-of-function research in CCP bioweapon labs.  She said, “I don’t want to hear anything bad about my Fauci.”

She will never change her attitude about Fauci.  She put her faith in and staked her reputation on the Deep State and will steadfastly insist that if things go wrong, then it is not the kaisers’ fault.  This mentality served her well throughout her life as a unionized government employee.  She hated Trump, of course, because he was a threat to the Deep State teachers’ union she belonged to.  She says it’s because Trump was such a crude man, but she sees nothing wrong whatsoever with anything Joe Biden and his family have done, or with the Democrat party’s assaults on the pillars of the American way of life (which, of course, she is emphatically against, but still not against the Democrat party).

Where are we all heading?

Historians often ask the question “Why did most Germans follow Hitler, when resisting would have involved very little personal risk?”  Well, genius historians, maybe because Adolf, the son of a successful Austrian government official, promised to maintain the German Deep State, the breadwinner for the vast army of German government employees and a lot of private German companies that depended on the Deep State (like munitions factories).  And he convinced a critical mass of German deplorable to go along with his bizarre theories about the victimhood of the master race at the hands of inferior races (about as logical as vaccines that don’t vaccinate), enabling professional and social isolation of anyone who questioned the “checked facts.”  One reason for the race now to vax as many as possible is to isolate those who don’t want to “follow the science” — heretics like me, who never had a problem with eating (not injecting) thoroughly tested genetically modified foods but have a really big problem with injecting experimental genetic treatments into my own body.

My comparisons to 1930s Germany may be stretching things, but don’t underestimate where this could all lead.  A lot of people like my American friend will support anyone who promises to save them from COVID (as long as those retirement checks keep coming in on time).  And if the vaccines cause some as yet unknown health problems, then the kaisers and their bureaucratic armies will go to any lengths to deflect blame and maintain power (and again, my friend would totally support them, as long as those retirement checks come in on time).  That means escalating failed policies (Fauci recently stated that children 6 months to 5 years old could be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination by spring) and finding the right scapegoats.

During our 45-year friendship, I have out of polite respect never challenged the Alice-in-Wonderland political views of my American friend.  But during our last phone call, I saw a side of her that I had never seen before.  COVID has changed our world and has forced us to re-evaluate our cherished notions of the exceptional nature of those in the land of the free and home of the brave.  My adoptive Jewish mother always stressed the importance of understanding the real motivations of people, never to underestimate what they are capable of.

This current situation is being forced on us all by those getting rich and powerful thanks to the “vaccines.”  But this COVID storm will sooner or later pass.  When humanity first encountered the cold/flu viruses, it must have been a lot worse than COVID.  COVID will run its course and slowly disappear.  Until then, stand firm.

PS: The day I submitted this article to American Thinker, I read for the first time that the Republicans have embraced natural immunity as a valid COVID status.  Of course, the AP reporter had to do the bidding of his masters (those getting rich and powerful thanks to the vaccines) by preaching at the end of the article about how natural immunity has so many limitations.  (Nothing was said about vaccine limitations.)  Don’t be a sheep.  Don’t be lead around by the Pied Piper.  Don’t be blown around like grass in the wind (by the kaisers, MSM, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc.).  Stand firm.