Posted BY: Larry Alton

There’s no doubt about it: Electric and self-driving vehicles are the future. However, it’s possible that politicians and policymakers are moving too fast. And, in doing so, they may actually be putting the public in more danger.

California, U.S. Government Take Major Steps to Ban Gas-Fueled Vehicles

In a recent vote praised by the left and mocked by the right, California state regulators reached an agreement to ban the sale of new gasoline-fueled cars by the year 2035. The decision is a significant one, as the state is the largest auto market in the country and could influence regulators in other states to follow their lead.

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“Seventeen states comprising about 40 percent of national car sales already follow California’s vehicle emission standards,” Amna Nawaz reports for “Experts say most will likely apply the new mandate once it’s approved. At least three of those states have so-called trigger laws in place, automatically matching California’s standards.”

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