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(Natural News) Over a year ago, I began publicly warning the world about the global famine implications of the loss of natural gas supplies for Europe. Through the Haber chemical process, natural gas is combined with atmospheric nitrogen (N2) to create ammonia (NH3), the key molecule for creating nitrogen-based fertilizers that grow the crops necessary to feed an estimated 4 billion people across the planet.

I warned that if natural gas supplies were not abundant in Europe — and to BASF in particular — that fertilizer production would plummet, and there would not be enough fertilizer to grow the crops to feed the world.

Several months ago, I met Michael Yon (, an international journalist and analyst who saw the exact same thing at about the same time. He visited with BASF executives in Germany, and he and recorded several interviews with me about the catastrophe that would unfold if BASF shuttered operations in Germany due to a lack of natural gas from Russia. (See our most recent urgent interview recorded last night, below.)

Since then, America destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines, semi-permanently cutting off Germany from Russian gas. This was the final nail in the coffin, following the USA / NATO effort on economic sanctions that ultimately resulted in Russia’s Gazprom cutting off all gas exports to Germany (and, effectively, the rest of Europe as well).

Now, in an announcement that Michael Yon, David DuByne and myself all warned was coming, BASF has announced they are partially shuttering operations in Germany and moving capacity to China, where the “greenies” don’t have control over insane anti-energy policies (and where electricity prices aren’t 1000% above the norm).

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