Death of the Dollar

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It’s important to note up front that I’m not a financial advisor and therefore I am not offering financial advice. But as many millions of other Americans are able to do without being financial advisors, I can read the writing on the wall. Unlike the writing done by God in the Book of Daniel, the words on this particular wall are being written by central bankers.

Their message: “Buy gold and silver.”

No, they’re not telling anyone that directly. In fact, they’re trying to keep it a secret that they’ve been buying up as much gold and silver over the past few months as they can get their hands on, and they’re not alone. China is doing the same thing. Russia is doing the same thing. Even some U.S. states like Tennessee are starting to do the same thing.

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What they’ve seen for a while, and what many American citizens are finally starting to see, is that gold and silver will be the only “safe haven” during the transition from physical fiat currency to Central Bank Digital Currencies. In other words, they want physical precious metals on hand as the U.S. Dollar crashes under the weight of the Biden-Harris regime’s intentionally awful fiscal policies.

The Liberty Daily cannot offer financial advice, but we do have an honest precious metals partner that benefits us and our readers when they purchase from him. It benefits The Liberty Daily when you do. Ira, Our Gold Guy, deals only with physical bullion shipped directly to your door or placed into a self-directed, metals-backed IRA.

Here’s the good news. IF we are able to fight back the powers-that-be and thwart their efforts to destroy the U.S. Dollar, those who buy physical precious metals from Ira will still be in good shape. This isn’t about banking on bad tidings. This is about making the financial move that many have been making for decades. Centuries.


Precious metals have had value from the beginning. Gold has been precious since the Book of Genesis. It’s safe to say it will have value whether the powers-that-be have their way or not.