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Lately, there has been a lot of slobbering jabber from the mainstream propaganda outlets about terrible “new” variants of the so-called Covid bug such as the “Nu Variant” which has been changed to ‘Omicron’ already, supposedly coming out of South Africa along with the suggestions of yet more mass shutdowns, isolations, militant forcing of injecting hapless victims with the kill shot, and so forth.  That was not only expected but we were told it would happen and there have been various versions of the supposed covid virus since it first appeared.  I am thinking that before I get to my rant, that we should take a quick look at the history of it all so we can better understand what it is that we will be confronted with.

Spike proteins were being fabricated as early as 1990 in laboratories and likely before that, but the early patents were in the field of animal research.  It was not until 1999 that the first patents were issued for spike proteins useful in human man-made disease construction.  “According to Martin, Fauci and the NIAID “found the malleability of coronavirus to be a potential candidate for HIV vaccines,” and in 1999, Fauci funded research at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (where Baric has a lab) to create “an infectious replication-defective coronavirus” specifically targeted for human lung epithelium.

The patent for that replication-defective coronavirus that attacks human lung cells was filed April 19, 2002 (Patent No. 7279327). “In other words, we made SARS,” Martin says. Or perhaps more accurately, Fauci and UNC did. Several months after that patent filing, the SARS outbreak in Asia occurred.”     Yes, the old SARS Corona Virus was the first spike protein bio-weapon that they used and it is now known as the 2002 SARS outbreak in China starting on 16 November 2002 and lasted supposedly until 2004 resulting in more than 8,000 cases and over 775 deaths.  This test proved the viability of using spike proteins for mass murder and many more patents were filed on improvements to the deadly weapon.  Further developments were responsible for the 2012 outbreak in Saudi Arabia of the MERS version of that Corona Virus bioweapon that supposedly resulted in 1,360 cases and 527 deaths.  This version of the spike protein-enhanced coronavirus improved the fatality rate from 10% to 39% for the New World Order’s depopulation scheme but further improvements were needed for better results.

They then determined that direct injection of those spike proteins would be the superior method of being sure to create death in all of those so desired to be on their hit list; that means anyone that is not one of the Satanic elites or their preferred slave class groups.  So the development of an easily injectable weapon was designed and first patented in January 2000 as patent number 6372224 in the United States Patent and Trademark office.  Their early tests proved it can be up to 100% effective, a huge improvement on the earlier SARS and MERS bio-weapons versions.  But now the question remained as to how to get the world’s populace to voluntarily, if possible, accept that murder jab and hide the fact that it is the jab killing people and not the Spike Protein enhanced Corona Virus.  As they pondered, it occurred to them that if they could frighten people into it, and if not then force it on them, that using another version, a new outbreak of Corona Virus-like the so-called Indian variant or the D variant or the Omicron Variant, and some new very infectious and dangerous strain-no less, should get the job done.  Therefore, the outbreak of SARS-2 in Wuhan China in December of 2019 was engineered starting with one of the labs used for the development and enhancement of that virus as a means of creating an excuse for it even occurring.   That “accidental release” from their labs and some kind of bat escape or wet market bull-crap story or some such excuse might be enough to hide the intentional release into the world’s disease bank of this American invented bio-weapon.  This version did not really need to be all that deadly because the real murder weapon would be the “vaccine” known commonly as the kill shot, or formally as the Sars-2 Covid 19 vaccination.  Please note that it is the American CDC that holds thousands of patents relating to this weapon of mass destruction; a distinction that is of very high importance in understanding who is behind it all.  Covid is not in and of itself a “Novel” virus, but it is the various patents for modifications of it that makes it novel and is called Sars-Cov-2 the Novel virus.

It is the addition of those spikes proteins and other deadly additives that makes the mRNA so dangerous.  ‘Modified RNA’ is a small section of the DNA that is broken off, it is not alive as such but the debris of a blown up cell.  ‘Modified’ because it has those spike proteins that are the primary weapon used in its makeup.  There is yet another maze of patents covered in it held by many pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with many held by the government or pseudo-government agonies’.  There was no lab leak that got this bio-weaponized spike protein virus into the population, but an intentional spreading of it for the purpose of getting the much greater efficiency mRNA weapon into the population by “vaccinating” against the so-called deadly virus.  A Very Simple Concept to understand for most intelligent people.

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American Japanese Internment Camp

As we have covered here before the seasonal flu has specific curves that it follows set at fairly regular intervals.  Some seasons may be a bit sore than others, with the 1918 to 1919 war enhanced influenza pandemic being among the exceptions.  Hunger, lack of adequate diet and clean water, and sub-standard living conditions will do that.  But they follow the same “flu season” curves as did the 2020 flu season.

The next thing to remember is the fallibility of the so-called C19 tests.  ‘Fallibility’ is not really the correct term to use; perhaps intentionally deceptive is more appropriate as they do NOT determine if anyone has C19 but rather it only shows that there may be some sort or another Coronavirus protein in the solution.  Therefore, you may have had a recent cold or mild flu and it will register as Covid Positive even with the small amplifications of the chemical base now in use let alone the disastrous large amplifications.  In order to better create the market for the forced injections of the death spike proteins, a much higher false infection rate is required, and so the fake test is used.  We have already gone over a number of times how bad they really are so I will not take a room to go over it again here.

So it is obvious to many of us that the numbers of C19 cases and deaths are totally fabricated, they are fake as “all Billy hell”.  Well, up to the middle of this year anyway, but something has changed.  They have begun the injections of the death mRNA and the results are really beginning to show huge death totals now and can do nothing but rise rapidly, even exponentially, higher and faster.  The seasonal flu curves have had a much earlier start and are now rising much faster than normal, and it is NOT the flu nor is it the fake C19 disease causing it, but the results of the fact that the mRNA destroys the immune system and actually causes the disease that has distorted the normal curves.  Even the normal flu and cold season is much worse and will continue to become even far worse because the destruction of the immune system causes a much higher rate and harsher cases of those once common and easily defeated sick days.  Covid 19 is NOT a harsh disease, and in well people with enough vitamin C, D, and Zinc and related items in their bodies, it is no more than a slight cold, easily defeated.  A few sniffles and you are done with it.

But not with the mRNA “vaccine” in you, then it becomes a very deadly infection that cannot be cured as such because once you get that shot it cannot be undone.  It will eventually have a 100% fatality rate of those “vaccinated”, with some claiming within a year of injection.

Now that the requisite basics are covered, let’s finally get to my rant if I may.

Think back on how many people you have heard of that have had C19 lately.  How do they know they have it when the test to determine it is completely false?  This is of prime importance to keep in mind; there is no way possible for them to know whether or not they have C19 – there is NO BLOODY WAY CAN THEY KNOW THAT!!!!  There are NO existing tests to prove that you have anything more than a common cold.  None whatsoever, so do NOT believe when all of the news sources or your friends or your family tell you someone has C19, they DO NOT KNOW; it is impossible for them to know any such thing.  Even the MSM has recorded that the C19 tests are neither reliable nor accurate and will be phased out this year, but they still claim they show who is infected.  What complete fools and liars they are.  NEVER believe the claims of such and such an infections rate or death rate, they are completely fabricated numbers.

One might hear “gee, my buddy at work got covid and he is in the hospital and looks to be in very bad shape and is on Remdesivir and a ventilator” Oh really?  Are you going to let them murder him like that?  “What the hell do you mean by that – they are trying to cure him!” 

Or you might have heard “my neighbor has covid and his wife just died from it.”  Were they vaccinated? “oh, I don’t know about his wife but he was and he got both of them shots and so he can’t have covid, right?”. 

Or “my brother died from covid so you better get your shots, my friend.”  Oh, did he have his?  “Yeah, he got them both and just had the booster, and then he died of a heart attack.  And I don’t get it, he was in such good health, we just went elk hunting a couple of weeks ago.”  And you don’t think it is because of the shots?  “What the hell kind of question is that? No way, they kept him from getting covid.

Nazi mass grave

These people are being lied to the big time and they are uninformed enough to believe it.  I have heard this same conversation with conservatives that supposedly know about the truth that the covid tests do not work and even supposedly know that the shots are deadly; but when they are told their loved one has C19 and is dying from it and they have had their shots, they do not consider that the hospital and the doctors are LYING THEIR ASSES OFF at them and they suck it up as the truth.  Then they get mad at me for suggesting they are being murdered or that I am so insensitive because I do not believe the official diagnosis.  It is no wonder then that so many think the shots are good and that the doctor would not take the bribes to murder people to make a huge profit, let alone the hospitals as shown in my story from a few days ago.  This conscientious denial of reality is astounding, but ever present today even in those that KNOW betterThe deception is complete.