Posted BY: Richard McDonough

Democrats Think They Own Black People, Take Them for Granted.

     —Robert Johnson, Founder of Black Entertainment Television, June 25, 2020

One of the main endlessly repeated storylines the Democrat-media complex has come up with in the run-up to the 2022 election, necessitated by the disastrous first two years of the Biden administration, is that one must elect Democrats to “save our democracy.” 

Unfortunately, the Democrats were not “saving our democracy” when Obama’s IRS director Lois Lerner used government power to target conservatives (the “tea party”) to get Obama re-elected, lied about it, and, because of that big “D” behind her name, was let off with no consequences whatsoever.

The Democrats were not “saving our democracy” when Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and the DNC purchased a fake Russian dossier in order to defraud the voters by framing Donald Trump as colluding with the Russians, thereby doing tremendous damage to our nation.

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The Democrats were not “saving our democracy” when the Obama administration spied on its political rival, Donald Trump, something the Democrat media colluders have been willfully blind about.

The Democrats were not “saving our democracy” when, after it became clear that Trump had won in 2016, the Democrat “election deniers” poured onto the streets screaming, setting fires, making violent threats and behaving like 2-year-olds that didn’t get the cookie.

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