Source: Steve Mateucci

The Democratic Party has sunk lower than it has ever descended in its long history. That’s a high bar to climb over, too. This party has pushed some of the worst ideas and most destructive policies ever seen, including its defense of slavery and the Confederacy during the Civil War; the creation of the KKK to harass and kill former slaves; the enactment of an intricate web of laws throughout the South to prevent former slaves and their descendants from exercising their full rights as citizens; calling in armed soldiers to prevent black kids from attending state college; using “progressive” policies to destroy great cities across the country (Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and San Francisco among them); passing off a serial sexual predator as a champion defender of women; attempting to destroy the U.S. healthcare industry while lying through their teeth about it; nominating Hillary Clinton as its candidate for President; using the power of the federal government to spy on the rival party’s presidential candidate; and Chuck Schumer.

And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. So, when I say they’ve descended even lower than ever before in their history, I’m really saying something. And they managed to do just that this week. What did they do? Sixteen states gave Joe Biden delegates in a presidential primary.

Biden has run for President three times. The first time, in 1988 (read that date again: that’s 32 years and 8 elections ago), he lasted three months, never entered a primary, and was forced to leave because he plagiarized a speech from a British MP and lied about his background. In 2008, running against Obama and Clinton, he dropped out of the race after more than 99% of Iowans had the good sense to vote for someone else. He entered one primary and got zero delegates. Then, as Obama’s vice president, he used his position and influence to enrich his family in various corruption schemes.

But the Democratic Party of 2020 has sunk so low that more voters in 11 states voted for Joe Biden than for any other candidate and gave him 453 delegates toward making him the candidate who would lose to Donald Trump in November.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: but Bernie! The party hasn’t gone collectively insane, it’s merely trying to prevent a socialist who hails from America’s craziest state east of California from becoming its standard bearer.

But that’s exactly my point. This party has fallen so far down the abyss that huge numbers of its voters are adopting socialism, actually choosing voluntarily what most of the rest of the world had to be coerced into enduring. That’s bad enough but, in the face of that existential threat, the best alternative they have is to remind Joe Biden what state he’s in and what office he’s running for just before they push him out on stage.

Think about this: Four years ago, Bernie Sanders won 23 primaries against Clinton. We know that Clinton was a terrible candidate, but the Democrats thought (and still think) she’s the smartest women in the world with a divine right (from the goddess Gaia, maybe) to be the first woman president in U.S. history. But after watching Sanders beat her 23 times in a process tilted in her favor, the only plan they could come up with, four years later, for 

defeating Sanders was to resuscitate Joe Biden out of his retirement stupor and pretend he could lead the country better than Donald Trump. They couldn’t find a single person in their entire party of politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, and billionaires with the energy, stamina, vision, and charisma to unify their party.

It’s getting harder and harder to take the Democratic party seriously. They have opposed Trump with the heat of a thousand suns since he beat Hillary. This obsessive hatred has caused them to run roughshod over every principle they’ve ever pretended to have so they could perp walk Trump out of the White House while making him ineffective until that happy day came. How close have they come to achieving this goal? Trump has nominated two justices to the Supreme Court, appointed 25% of lower court judges, lifted out of dependency the minorities the Dems have been holding down for decades, reduced taxes and regulations which in turn unleashed economic growth, renegotiated trade deals that hindered our trade, and avoided getting U.S. servicemembers killed in useless wars. Everything they’ve done to weaken the President has made him and — by extension the country — stronger.

Remember, when Trump became the Republican nominee for President in 2016, there were a lot of Republicans on the fence about him. Is he really a conservative? Wasn’t he always a Democrat? He’s from New York, right? Aren’t we supposed to be in favor of free trade? A significant number of  #NeverTrump Republicans declared they would vote for Clinton over Trump. But the Dems, in a show of epic incompetence, chose not to exploit these doubts and fears among Republicans and instead unleashed the lunatics, criminals, and liars that are their base to intimidate and silence everyone on the right. They used that tactic to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice and it worked so well that Justice Kavanaugh is now sitting on the Court for the rest of his life and the Senate stayed in Republican hands after the 2018 midterms, which effectively sabotaged their partisan impeachment ploy. On top of that, their relentless attacks by both elected officials and partisan media hacks have managed to unify the Republicans behind the President in both numbers and passion not seen since the days of the great Ronald Reagan. Nice work!

This is a party that needs to be punished. And the only way to punish a political party is to take away as much of its power as possible. That’s our goal this November: re-elect President Trump, expand the Republican majority in the Senate, flip the House, and win the States. Every vote matters. Complacency from voters in pro-Trump states can’t be tolerated. Surrender by voters in liberal states is not an option. And do not fear. If we send the Dems a loud enough message, they still won’t hear us and will continue to destroy themselves.