Posted BY: Richard McDonough

The inflation rate is still hovering around 8-9%, in contrast with the 1.4% when Donald Trump left office.  A record number of people (853) have died at the U.S. southern border in the past 12 months (and those are only the ones we know about and not including the people, including children, that were raped, robbed or killed on the trek through Central America to the border).  Fentanyl pouring across the Southern border is killing 100,000 Americans a year.

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Crime is way up in all major cities.  North Korea has resumed firing ballistic missiles over Japanese territory and has restarted its nuclear weapons program, both of which had been stopped under the Trump administration.  China has humiliated the United States on U.S. soil and is preparing to invade Taiwan.  Russia, which, according to the Democrat media storyline, was supposed to be Trump’s boss, invaded Ukraine soon after Biden’s inane remark that a little invasion might not be a big deal, resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and massive economic dislocation around the world, while Trump remains the only president in the past four presidents that has not presided over Russian aggression against a neighbor.  Biden, who criticized Trump for cozying up to dictators, has gone begging Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, for oil to bring down U.S. gas prices.  Economic experts are once again talking about a major recession in the near future.

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