Posted BY: Andrea Widburg

Am I a bad person to enjoy the increasingly untenable position in which Democrats find themselves as we near the 2024 election? I really love watching them struggle with the specter of a second Biden campaign or, worse, the problem of lining up candidates if they convince Jill…er, Joe not to run. A new piece of evidence about the dilemma facing the Democrats is the fact that Californians do not like Kamala Harris, the country’s most powerful Democrat “woman of color.” Heh.

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Whether you like all the potential candidates or not, the Republican field is dynamic and offers lots of great choices along with some dispiriting and depressing ones: Trump (who has declared), DeSantis (who almost certainly will declare), Ramaswamy (declared), Haley (declared), Tim Scott (probably will declare), Mike Pence (probable declaration), Larry Hogan (probable declaration), Glenn Youngkin (possible declaration). Indeed, we have an embarrassment of riches that, as in 2016, requires an incredibly strong candidate to emerge victorious from the fray.

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