Posted BY: Janet Walters Levite

Lately, I’ve been lost in thought, lamenting the diminishing presence of Black women in Donald Trump’s America First movement.  In doing so, it’s impossible to think about the movement without the now pop-culture-laden Candace Owens rearing up our thoughts. She was formerly a commanding presence as a Black woman in support of President Donald J. Trump.   But I will be frank and reveal that Candace Owens lost me very early in my Trump journey.

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I was fortunate enough to first come across Owens in a clip where she declared racism is not a problem in America, only to later read up on her and discover that she had been the victim of race-related threats,  threats that prompted her to team up with the NAACP, file a lawsuit, and score just under forty-thousand dollars in damages.  Apparently, racism is a problem for her when there’s a monetary windfall in her favor.

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