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The left always needs someone to target with their attacks; as if it’s a requirement for their existence. When Tucker Carlson departed Fox News, they were left scrambling to find a new villain to focus their fury on, and it seems they’ve found their next target: Jesse Watters. That’s right, the emboldened left is now targeting Jesse Watters as their new favorite punching bag. They’re scouring the internet for anything he’s ever said, just so they can be angry and virtue signal to their loyal mob of social justice radicals.

On a recent episode of The Five, Jesse shared a story of spotting a family of illegals in New York City rummaging through a dumpster looking for recyclables. When asked how he knew they were illegals, Jesse simply replied, “You can just tell.” Now, the left is up in arms over Jesse’s seemingly innocent comment, as if they’ve never used common sense or had a “hunch” about something or someone.

Jesse’s ability to spot illegals makes the left absolutely livid. According to the emboldened left, Jesse is “racist” simply because he notices the obvious.

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