Source: Jon N. Hall

Republicans seem confident about their chances for taking back the U.S. House in the 2022 midterm elections. Some might even think that victory is a “done deal” because the electorate has finally gotten wise to what the Dems are really up to, and to the true nature of their authoritarian party.

Republicans might well be correct in their reading of voter sentiment, but it might not make any difference. GOP strategists need to throttle back their optimism, for the changes to elections that worked for the Dems in “electing” a president in 2020 could also work for them in 2022 congressional elections. And not only might the Dems employ scams like mail-in ballots, they’ll also have millions of “new voters” they’ve allowed to invade the country and whom the Biden administration will then relocate to Red States for maximum effect on elections.

Republicans like the sad Liz Cheney, who believe that the 2020 presidential election expressed the true will of the People, also need to think again. For even if Biden did legitimately win the election, no one can prove that, no one knows.

Now, there’s a big word in the headline — “epistemology.” Some may need to be reminded of what that five-dollar word means. Epistemology is the study of how we know. It’s a branch of philosophy with several competing theories, but we don’t need to get in the weeds. With regard to our elections, all the American voter needs to know about knowing is how the states verify the eligibility of the voter and then add his vote to the appropriate counter.

One way state governments try to prove who actually won (so that voters can know) is the election audit. There are several types of election audit, and the recount is considered one. Several states have moved to conduct audits of the 2020 presidential election, with Arizona being out in front. Other states sent observers to see just how Arizona conducts its audit. However, as James Kunstler reported on June 16 at LewRockwell:

The “Joe Biden” government tried and failed to shut down the AZ audit early in the game. Then, late last Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland upped the ante, saying that he was about to send a gang of federal attorneys down AZ-way to scotch the darn thing.

Recall that, constitutionally, elections are conducted entirely under the prerogatives of each state, not the national government. The AZ audit was ordered by the Arizona State Senate. State Senator (and former fighter pilot) Wendy Rogers, replied to AG Garland, “You will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison. Maybe you should focus on stopping terrorism.” [Link added] The next move is Mr. Garland’s. Will he send in federal marshals to seize the ballots and Dominion machines? Or will “Joe Biden” tell AZ Governor Doug Doucy to sic the national guard on his own state senate?  If you want to start a real civil war, that would be a good way to kick it off.

One can only speculate as to why Mr. Kunstler puts Joe Biden within quotation marks. Perhaps he thinks Biden’s is a Potemkin presidency and that the actual power resides in behind-the-scenes actors. Or maybe he has doubt about whether Biden actually won; hence the “scare quotes.” But not only has AG Garland gone after Arizona, he’s filed suit against Georgia for its new voting rights law, a suit led by possibly the most weirdly racist member of the “Joe Biden” administration. (Joe Biden would never have allowed this, were he still alive.)

The states’ efforts to audit the vote counts are futile. Yes, an audit might be able to demonstrate certain macro things of a trivial order, like there being more ballots cast than there are eligible voters, as happened recently in California. But a real audit would need to vet each ballot. If auditors can’t verify that each and every individual ballot was cast by an eligible voter, the audit will be at best incomplete. It’s doubtful that there is a single state in which this is feasible; perhaps Arizona is the exception, but it’s doubtful. So, with the current systems it seems quite unlikely that any finality could be had by such audits so that voters could know who won their state. But I’m here to tell you how a real audit would work.

In vetting each individual ballot, auditors would not be able to use state registries. That’s because not a single damn one of the state registries is correct. Instead, auditors would need to vet each ballot against a dataset that is correct, like (hopefully) the Social Security database. One way to access that database is to do a direct read of it with the SSN, which is why the Voter ID should be the SSN. “Voter ID” is the rallying cry and chief bugaboo of progressives. To shut them up on this phony issue and bring it to a close, each of “the several States” should institute the complete nine-digit SSN as their new Voter ID.

Not only that, but the voter’s SSN should go on his ballot, and should be in a machine-readable format. This is necessary for the states to be able to conduct real audits. With the SSN on one’s ballot, the state can then verify that the SSN is that of an eligible citizen, the first criterion of voting. This verification would be done with a “batch program” that reads sequentially through the ballots, and then for each ballot directly reads the SS database using the SSN as the key. The running of this batch program would thus become the real count of ballots, because it would not merely count, it would verify the identity and eligibility of the voter.

But instead of running a simple batch program, which by its nature doesn’t involve any human interaction, we have the labor-intensive audit. The great state of Arizona actually set up a website of their audit (so folks could audit the auditors), but it didn’t seem very busy.

The need for election audits is proof that our elections are not to be trusted. In a decent election system, an audit would produce the same results as the initial count. Democrats have used the audit, or recount, as an opportunity to “find” ballots that were somehow not counted. Democrats would despise the reform just outlined, which is proof that it should be adopted before the 2022 elections. And so I’m appealing to the states to adopt the complete SSN as their Voter ID and put that ID on their ballots. The presence of the Voter ID on the ballot would make possible a true audit.

“Epistemology.” Big word, that. Six syllables, in fact. Perhaps it was unnecessary or even a bit pretentious. But the term was trotted out to raise the issue of how one can know what the legitimate vote counts are in our elections. The government expects us to just accept whatever they say the count is. The government thinks the People aren’t on a “need to know basis.” Besides, to doubt the government is to believe the Big Lie. Knowing is not for you, dear citizen. Just take it from your betters that the election was conducted properly.

That shouldn’t be good enough for anyone with even an ounce of self-respect, much less a real American.