Posted BY: John Dale Dunn

Victor Davis Hanson is one of the most deservedly admired conservative writers/authors commentators in America. That’s why his recent essay about what it will take to destroy America is worthy of your attention.

Just to emphasize the knowledge and thoughtfulness Hanson brings to his essay, a brief professional bio shows that he is affiliated with the Hoover Institution at Stanford and writes for a number of conservative sites. He’s also written more than 20 books since 1983, with subjects ranging from ancient history and culture, and military history through the millennia from the Greeks to modern times, and, in the last decade, he has been an influential and lucid political author and commenter on culture and politics in America. I have reviewed at American Thinker his last two books, one book on World War II and another about citizenship.

Hanson’s essay breaks down into ten steps, which he analyzes in some detail. I’ve summarized those ten points, although I urge you to read his entire essay.

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