“The Wisconsin Election Commission is broken,” Phill Kline said.

Posted BY: Wyatt | NwoReport

The firing of a Milwaukee election official this week after she sent military ballots to a state representative highlights another election vulnerability in Wisconsin, where a rash of election administration irregularities and legal breaches have been exposed since 2020.

During a press conference on Thursday, Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson announced that Kimberly Zapata, deputy director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, was fired after she requested that three absentee military ballots be sent to the home of Republican state Rep. Janel Brandtjen. Brandtjen turned the ballots into the Waukesha County sheriff last Friday.

“I believe someone was trying to point out how easy it is to get military ballots in Wisconsin,” Brandtjen said in a statement on Saturday. “Registration for military ballots is not required, so a fictitious name and birthdate are all that is required to obtain a military ballot online. Feeling shocked about this situation is an understatement because it demonstrates stolen valor from those who protect this nation.

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