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Anyone who claims to have been shocked by the Washington State Supreme Court’s decision on March 24 to defy the state constitution and the will of the people by overturning a lower court ruling and resurrecting the state’s capital gains tax is either hopelessly naïve, lying, or oblivious to how things work around here.

The court is packed with left-wing zealots hand-picked by the government employee unions that have run this state for more than two decades. These powerful, well-financed special interests control the executive, legislative, and the judicial branches of Washington, to say nothing of their near-total domination of the unelected bureaucracy.

Like the leftist front organization they are, the unions’ ultimate aim is to saddle Washingtonians with an income tax — in addition to, rather than in lieu of, the state’s outrageous sales and property taxes. But since the state constitution unequivocally prohibits doing so, they hatched a scheme to impose a tax on capital gains (which the courts have always classified as “income”) and label it an “excise” tax.

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Their deceit couldn’t have been more obvious, but what difference do rules make in a rigged game?

Justice Debra Stephens, who wrote the majority opinion, betrayed her commitment to social engineering rather than the law by asserting:

“Washington’s tax system has earned the regrettable title of most regressive in the nation. Washington’s upside-down tax system perpetuates systemic racism by placing a disproportionate tax burden on Black, indigenous, and people of color.”

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