Source: J.B. Shurk

Let me state firmly my belief that we are on the precipice of a dramatic shift in human relations.  The institutions, authorities, and cultural puppet masters that have hoarded power for centuries are screaming out today because they’re breaking…and panicking.  What have the last twenty-five years of technological innovations shown people?  Among other things, the vast smorgasbord of free information that has exploded forth during this Digital Age big bang has put all the traditional “gatekeepers” on their back feet.  The evening news broadcasts, the late-night comedy shows, and the White House Press Corps no longer maintain an exclusive monopoly over what is newsworthy.  With ordinary people on social media proving themselves just as talented as most celebrity entertainers, Hollywood and the music industry no longer maintain an exclusive monopoly over what shapes our culture.  And with the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we are fast approaching a time when central banks (and their client governments) no longer maintain a monopoly over fiat currencies that allow politicians and bankers to tax, punish, spend, and control citizens’ wealth and livelihoods from the shadows of elite and insular economic clubs.

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What these trends above represent is a fundamental transformation for human existence but not one toward international socialism, powerful oligarchies, or citizen subsistence.  It is rather the rise of individual freedom at the expense and exclusion of government regulation and authority.  These last twenty-five years of technological development have made it possible for humans to trade goods and services, knowledge, security, spiritual connection, and entertainment without consulting politicians, bureaucrats, pop stars, or corporate boards of directors.  When you see this reality for what it truly is — nothing short of a technologically enabled revolution for human freedom and independence — it becomes obvious why those with power today have embraced authoritarianism and totalitarianism wherever we look.  They have everything to lose and nothing to gain from our rising liberation.  Their tyranny is their only salvation.  In other words, the powers that be are all deeply afraid.  

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