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As many know, I have written and spoken extensively about the dangers of transhumanism, also rebranded by the military as human augmentation or human enhancement. One of my more recent essays was titled Physicals, Virtuals, Machines, and Overlords: Is the dark vision of a new caste system for the fourth revolution inevitable?

The constraints on this research currently lie solely with the informed consent and normal bioethics regulations needed in any clinical trial. In fact, the SIENNA report was commissioned to study the ethical guidelines of such research, and the report essentially falls back on the same regulatory processes currently in place, which can be found in my essay “Ethical Parameters for Human Enhancement?”.

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The fact is that despite the current clinical trial processes already in place, these rapidly developing technologies fall under that old saying, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do something.”

We do not need more guidelines or regulations that can be broken in times of duress or “public health emergencies” to decide whether these technologies are for the good of society or not. Such “process-oriented” procedures miss the point.

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