Source: T.L. Hesse

Who’s really running the show? Just imagine the following scenario: Fraudulent President Joe spends an evening – actually, more like an afternoon — watching old classic films, one of which, perhaps, is a Cold War-era action movie about a Russian invasion. When not dozing off he thoroughly enjoys the film. He has his early-bird supper and shuffles off to bed. Later that night, about 3:00 am, Joe wakes up and locks himself in the bathroom with the nuclear football.

Jill suddenly wakes up and tries to check on Joe, but the bathroom door is locked. While she calls his name and tries to get him to open the door, Joe is busy typing in the nuclear codes he has scrawled on the palm of his hand. In his confusion, he blends reality with fiction and believes the movie was real life.

By the time Jill gets a Secret Service agent to help break down the door, old Joe has already started the launch sequences to annihilate Russia, and North Korea for good measure. Once entered, these codes can’t be canceled. Russia and North Korea are alerted to the strike and launch retaliatory nuclear missiles. World War Three has started or perhaps the end of the world as we know it.

Don’t think this could happen? Some Democrats are not so sure. Why else do they want to wrestle these codes away from this senile old man? They didn’t even try this with their nemesis, President Trump, but they’re doing it for their own man. They know the reality of his condition. He’s a danger to everyone, even the world. Shame on all those who put him in this position, including wife Jill and former boss Obama.

These two of all people should have known Joe was not capable of fulfilling the duties of this office. But their greed and lust for power and, in Jill’s case, status, drove them to ignore that obvious and nuclear disaster could be the result or any number of other terrible things damaging to the world or country.

All evidence points to Obama pulling the strings behind the curtain. In a circumstance such as the one played out above, though, even Obama can’t predict what a man in mental decline might do. It’s apparent that Joe won’t be in office much longer judging by his recent gaffs and infrequent appearances, but it only takes one time for something like this to happen. Is tomorrow that day?

I believe the idea to take the codes from Joe and give them to a committee will also benefit control over his successor, Harris. Obama and his time don’t trust her with the codes, and they won’t trust any who follow her either. However, one knows a committee rarely agrees on anything so, by the time the codes would actually be entered, it probably would be too late for response or surprise.

The more likely setting would be for Obama to have the football again, even if the Democrat operatives put out smoke and mirrors about a team making the decision to launch. Because in truth, what we actually have is a behind-the-scenes dictatorship and that dictator is Barrack Hussein Obama. Joe is just a cover, using his phony affable charm and well-practiced wide smile to gain office for the sham by hook or crook and slip Obama’s real choice of Harris through the back door.

I’m reminded of a children’s fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen, written in 1837. In it, all the vain Emperor’s supporters admire his alleged new clothing while the rest of the populace (like certain female Secret Service agents poolside) see only a naked old man. In truth, his supporters see the same but they are pretending otherwise. For the moment, anyway.

Joe is what is called in the business world a hatchet man, someone who is brought in to do unpopular things, change procedures, fire people, cut salaries and, when his task is done, he is usually fired himself. Joe’s good at it because this nasty-by-nature man has no empathy for the thousands he puts out of work.

Soon Joe’s time will be up, the Executive Orders all filed, and the leftist congressional crap signed on the dotted line. He’ll then be moved out to pasture. He may not even be aware it happened and might believe he’s still the man.

The only opposition to his removal will be from Jill and the rest of the Biden family that is used to the money train Joe engineered over the years. They know, as Hillary Clinton has discovered, that once the power and influence are gone, so is the money tree.

So, when Joe is removed and Harris is elevated, who will be the vice president? Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders, Michelle Obama? How about Adam Schiff or Gretchen Whitmer, maybe Newsom? Is your stomach churning yet? What if they reach across the aisle “in the spirit of unity” and get a “Republican” like Romney or Collins? How about Kasich? Does that make you feel better?

It’s quite frightening how much damage has been done in just a few months. What horrors await us in the next few years? We are flooded with people across the southern border, bringing all manner of problems with them, the least of which is COVID, all at this old man’s invitation. They even get a Tee Shirt.

We are now the second-class citizens who are not supposed to exist in our country, with no hope, only devastating change on the horizon. We remain for the most part under lockdown, unemployed, without insurance or welfare. Is this what the Obama/Biden campaign slogan of “hope and change” really meant?

However, the new people (read: population) are greeted with everything under the sun, even a free ticket to wherever they care to go, much to the chagrin of the Greyhound Bus Lines CEO. No COVID passport needed (not even a test); no ID needed to vote or seek medical treatment; food and lodging and, of course, money are provided, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

What a paradise, the USA! Who wouldn’t come to such a place? The land of the freebie? It’s similar to what happened centuries ago, when marauders would reach a distant shore and the locals thought they were gods of some sort, usually to their ultimate demise.

Another slice of the American pie gobbled up is when a business hires a replacement (usually a foreigner on an HB visa working for less money) for your job and you are instructed to train him before you are let go. And make no mistake about it, you are being let go. Our country and our population are being replaced through this leftist osmosis right before our very eyes. But don’t worry: Joe is Building Back Better.