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There are probably trace amounts of animal poop, rat hairs, and insect skin in some of your favorite foods — and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is OK with it.

The average 17oz jar of peanut butter is legally allowed to contain up to five rodent hairs and still meet the agency’s regulatory standards.

Every store-bought 3oz bag of popcorn can ship with one rat poop pellet and a standard 1.5oz bar of chocolate is allowed up to 30 insect parts.

Insect fragments include legs, antennae,e and other parts of the bugs that can find their way mixed into the products. These ‘food defects’ end up in food during the harvesting of raw materials, and during the manufacturing process.  

The FDA says that it is ‘economically impractical’ for manufacturers to grow and harvest these products without at least some minor contamination.

The FDA allows for defects like rat poop, insect parts, and mold to be present in people’s food. In coffee, up to 10 percent of the beans are allowed to be moldy, and the same share is allowed to be infested with insects. One rat poop pellet is allowed in each sample of popcorn. There can also be up to five rodent hairs in one jar of peanut butter, and 30 insect parts in a single bar of chocolate.

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In some cases, like canned corn, multiple full larvae are allowed as long as they do not reach a certain length, while for others only slight bug or rodent contamination is allowed.

Coffee — a morning staple for most working Americans — can legally be packaged with up to 10 percent of the beans being moldy or infested with insects.

Cherry jam is allowed to have relatively high levels of mold, which is calculated by taking small samples of the spread and using a microscope.

If less than three of every 10 samples have mold, then the FDA allows the product to be sold.

Meanwhile, up to 6 percent of your potato chips can include rot and some of your popcorn kernels are allowed to have been gnawed by a rat.

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