Posted BY: E. Jeffrey Ludwig

The trial of Darrell E. Brooks for the intentional vehicular homicide of six persons and the injuring of 61 other persons at a Thanksgiving/Christmas parade on November 21, 2021, is now concluded.  Brooks was found guilty of all counts and has been sentenced to six consecutive life sentences plus about 1000 years for the death and suffering his atrocious act caused in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Under Wisconsin law, there is no death penalty, and Wisconsin in fact was the first state to abolish the death penalty in 1853. Additionally, though the defendant’s mother and grandmother suggested that the defendant’s mental health afflictions were the cause of this horrible event, four forensic psychologists examined the defendant and found that although he had an anti-social personality disorder, this diagnosis was not sufficient to relieve him of personal responsibility for the crimes that were committed on that horrible day. Judge Jennifer Dorow summarized the psychologists’ conclusions prior to pronouncing the sentence.  Additionally, she noted that Brooks, who chose to be his own counsel during the trial, often made cogent objections, and seemed to grasp some of the legal subtleties of the case as the trial proceeded.

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