Posted BY: Jim Hoft

Tucker Carlson unloaded on Democrats and their leader Joe Biden tonight on his number-one-rated cable news show.

Joe Biden and Democrats have put in motion policies to purposely destroy America for generations to come.

Tucker Carlson:  They’re vicious, they’re intolerant, and they are utterly corrupt.  And above all they are incompetent.  In less than two years it is not an overstatement to say they have run this country into the ground. Wrecking our economy, desecrating our military, and opening the borders of the United States to 5 million lawbreakers.  The destruction they brought is so profound it’s hard to describe.

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So of course there will be consequences for that… How could this party stay in power?

Tonight Joe Biden traveled across the City of Washington to Union Station… Built by Teddy Roosevelt more than 100 years ago, Union Station was for generations one of the most beautiful public buildings in this country.  Under Joe Biden it has become a homeless encampment.  A place that is too filthy and too dangerous for Starbucks.

Standing at this monument to his own failures Biden proceeded to do what he commonly does, bark at the rest of us for our moral failures.  The guy who showered with his daughter is telling you, you’re a bad person .

Tucker then proceeded to break down Joe Biden’s demented speech including his signaling that the election fix is in.