Journalist Bob Woodward (L) and President Donald Trump (R).


The Hill has followed the Washington Post in misrepresenting some of Donald Trump’s comments to Bob Woodward, suggesting that the President refused to empathize with black Americans.

Like the Post, the Hill’s headline suggests that Trump said he didn’t feel a need to understand the “pain” of Americans, “particularly black Americans.”

The Hill’s headline says “Trump said he didn’t have responsibility to understand pain of Black Americans: ‘No, I don’t feel that at all’”

But the full question, which the Hill even quotes in its article, shows that Woodward didn’t simply ask whether Trump should empathize with black Americans. He asked if Trump believed that he first needs to escape the “cave” of his “white privilege” in order to do so.

At one point, the journalist brought up white privilege and suggested to the president that they have a duty to try to understand of the “the anger and pain” Black Americans feel.

“Do you have any sense that that privilege has isolated and put you in a cave to a certain extent as it put me and I think lots of white privileged people in a cave and that we have to work our way out of it to understand the anger and the pain particularly Black people feel in this country. Do you,” Woodward started to ask before Trump cut him off.

“No. You really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you? Just listen to you. Wow. No, I don’t feel that at all,” the president responded.

Woodward presses Trump further about the topic, but, in response, Trump reportedly refers to how well the economy has fared for Black Americans under his administration. He also reportedly again reiterated his long-repeated claim of doing more for the Black community than almost any president in history.

This, the idea that white people (including the president) need to unlearn their “privilege” before empathizing with blacks, is the concept that Trump refers to as drinking “the Kool-aid.”

It is an idea that has its intellectual origins in critical race theory, the far-left academic racism that the President is currently eliminating from the federal government.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.