Biden’s Kabul catastrophe may make Jimmy Carter’s 444 days of shame look like a walk in the park.

Source: Jon Bowne

The United Nations is extending an olive branch to an imagined newer, woker, female-friendly Taliban.

And while the Taliban openly recruits on their Twitter feed online while many Americans including a former President have their First Amendment violated. And Countries come out of the woodwork to christen the shiny new terrorism hub.

The Taliban is beating and murdering women in the streets for not wearing a burka, and brutalizing children. You can’t fix fundamentalist craziness.

Even to the casual observer, it is becoming increasingly serious. The United States doesn’t have a President. The Executive Office is being held hostage by Kissinger’s New World Order Chinese Century globalist think tanks who are currently reaching the final stages of an invisible war against the United States after installing a senile shill so compromised that he has openly fit that description to a tee.

Rather than address a developing massive hostage situation and mass murder of Americans in Kabul that could potentially make Jimmy Carter’s 444 days of shame look like a walk in the park, Biden nonsensically blamed everyone but himself and then claimed that the buck stops with him.

Either the buck stops with you or it doesn’t. It can’t be both.

A corrupt President that fails to assure the nation he supposedly leads with cogent information regarding the spiraling chaos of the the greatest failure in U.S.Foreign policy history on his watch isn’t excusable. It is extremely dangerous.

And as Under UN directives, Biden will focus his State Department on the relocation of thousands of Afghan refugees into the United States while ignoring the danger thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines are facing.

The most prescient lesson learned? Biden is a disaster. And we cannot wait for his policies of doom to fester. We must close our southern border before the hell Biden’s handlers unleashed upon Central Asia strolls into North America.