Posted BY: Anthony J. DeBlasi

The natural desire of good men is knowledge. – Leonardo da Vinci

The free-wheeling, self-directed explorations of my childhood, including untutored studies of nature, yielded a wealth of information about the world that I would not have received otherwise. Growing up in an environment of unbounded freedom of thought (in Brooklyn, New York!) was part of childhood in America before the invasion of brain-snatching digital screens took possession of minds and shifted gaze away from the actual world. My unhampered explorations of the real world taught me a good deal more than I was getting in school, in books, and on field trips.

I enjoyed such extracurricular observation of the world. It seemed to me, without much thought about it, that it was good training for the mind. Instinctively I felt that even the simplest objects of nature, for example, held information that helps grow the mind.

Wasn’t such focused attention even to “trifling” details about the world a source of information that inspired and fired the minds of inventors, scientists, writers, artists, and countless others who make life a richer experience than otherwise possible?

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