Source: J.B. Shurk

President Trump used to ask Americans, “Are you tired of winning yet?”  President Word Salad just asks Americans, “Are you as tired as I am?”  Americans are tired…of skyrocketing gas prices, of unprotected borders, of never-ending government mask mandates and business-killing lockdowns, of this one virus being treated as if it were the scariest threat humankind has faced, of being told they’re unconsciously racist or consciously “extreme.”  Americans are just plain tired of what a mess this megalomaniacal bunch of “Build Back Better” morons have made of the greatest country on the planet.  

More than anything, Americans are tired of the constant flow of anti-American bilge that spurts out daily from the mouths of the Woke Class and their devout followers.  Democrat or Republican in this country, we used to have a common ethos: America, love her or leave her!  Now, after a decade of Obama Marxism and the whiny, mean-girl AOC-ification of our culture (Wait, she’s only been around for two years?  What hath hell unleashed?), we are a nation at war with ourselves: America, oh my gosh, let me tell you a hundred different things about this country that I absolutely, like, hate.  I mean, I would totally live anywhere else, except, like, social justice or something, right?

To be in America and not count that a blessing is the height of self-indulgence.  Even in an abusive environment where mass media snobs and government know-nothings tell us how awful we all are each and every day, the United States is still without a doubt the best place on Earth.  Everyone in the world knows this.  Nobody escaping poverty or persecution is sneaking into Xinjiang.  Communist China is not a beacon for people yearning to be free.  You show up without an invitation or proper vetting, and you get the gulag treatment or find yourself an unwitting organ donor real fast.  Either that or you’re “invited” to join one of China’s slave labor camps where they make things that American companies can sell back to the same Americans they put out of work.

No, it is America and all she represents that draw unfortunates from every hellhole and hellscape made by man, enticing them to gamble their lives on long journeys, so that they might have something more to call their own (before the Democrats promptly tax it).  You know, the same country whose athletes kneel in disrespect of its flag and anthem because it is so rigidly patriarchal and structurally racist that women must walk around head-to-toe in red handmaid’s attire and LeBron James must sit and wait in anguish for the day that he, too, gets the respect he deserves.  The nation whose left-wing scribes write glowing tributes to Cuba’s Castroite killers because they went to colleges with posters of Che Guevara hanging on their dormitory walls and still stupidly believe that “equality” is sexy only when it comes from the end of a rifle, the promise of universal poverty, and the sweat of shovel-ready jobs required to dig sixty years of mass graves.  The land where aristocracy was banned and free speech was enshrined, whose people put down the rising tide of fascism all over the globe, just so later generations could don black hoodies and masks and denounce rural Americans as irredeemably fascist.  America — the only place in the world where success is so obtainable that problems have to be invented.  What a country!

Can you imagine how strange it must be for those who literally walk through the desert under great odds of dying from thirst or cartel slaughter just to reach an oasis whose cultural elites find America too repugnant to defend?  Welcome to America!  You made it!  Now pick up this Molotov cocktail and burn it to the ground!  (Or at least kneel before our flag to show how much you hate this place you nearly died to reach.)  In the old days, when psychiatry and psychology were only partially politicized, shrinks would have called this classic cognitive dissonance and a cause for great mental discomfort.  No wonder the political left is always unhappy!

We have become a country so brainwashed by ritualistic self-loathing and perpetual pessimism that being happy about anything is almost taboo.  Really.  Our whole culture has become so masochistic that happy, high-functioning, optimistic Americans are treated with not only disdain but suspicion.  Anybody smiling is presumed to be a beneficiary of undeserved privilege — which must then be promptly “checked” to remain in good standing with America’s groupthink police.  The end result is a growing American population of walking wounded who hang their heads in shame and mumble indiscriminately about how bad everything is.

— Oh, I hate how successful America’s free-market economic system has been for over two hundred years.  Why couldn’t we just be poor and miserable?  

— Since I don’t have to search for food or water today, I think I’ll come up with a brand new gender pronoun.  

— Can you believe that comedian said that politically incorrect thing years before we put it on our list of “politically incorrect things you can’t say in America”?  He should be canceled for tolerating what we just learned is intolerable.

The political left mock traditional religious devotion as some backward belief system dominated by ritual and superstition and then spend all day long objecting to each other’s imagined privilege, invoking newly created rules for discourse, insisting that freshly minted pronouns be learned by rote, and seeking to punish those who might not be sufficiently “woke.”  It’s fanaticism of the highest order — nonsense created out of thin air by cultural priests and idolized by mindless followers who believe that one’s morality is tied to one’s commitment to prostrate himself before the world and atone for being American.  Again, in the old days, psychologists would have seen these maladies as hallmarks of delusion, narcissism, paranoia, depression, and self-hatred.  Now they’re championed as proof of enlightenment!

The United States is a country desperately in need of a Thorazine drip.  What it doesn’t need is a government constantly playing therapist.  Unfortunately, everywhere you look, American institutions continue self-diagnosing.  Listening to General Mark Milley talk about “white rage” as if it had been a hot topic at his monthly book club, you could be excused for mistaking him as just another solipsistic writer for Teen Vogue — and not the commander of the most powerful military in the world.  Please let it be known: there will be no rage in General Milley’s military; that’s not how we win wars.  Good grief.

None of this is healthy behavior.  Adults don’t need Twitter and Facebook putting them in “time out” for using “triggering” words.  Competent Americans of sound mind don’t need to apologize constantly for every independent thought they might have.  Good people don’t have to invent a postmodern religion and devoutly follow “woke” dogma to prove that they are moral human beings.  When enough Americans finally realize that the political left has dragged them to the edge of madness, then America will finally understand that the inmates have been running the asylum for quite some time.